UJC Chief Sallah-u-Din Says Kashmir People Need to Fight Like Afghans


Syed Sallah-u-Din, Sallah-u-Din, Kashmir, Afghan TalibanStating that the Kashmir movement cannot yield any fruits unless a sincere and committed Hurriyat leadership forges unity, United Jihad Council (UJC) chief Syed Sallah-u-Din has appealed the separatists to reach out to people jointly making them aware about ‘negative consequences’ of participation in polls.

In a telephonic interview with KNS, Sallah-u-Din said: “It is unfortunate and painful that instead of coming closer, the separatist leadership is day by day disintegrating. I want to emphasize again that the huge sacrifices offered by the people of Kashmir cannot yield any fruits unless there is a uniform direction and a united separatist leadership to channelize it.”

The UJC chief said the prevailing disentanglement among Hurriyat leadership is against the Kashmir’s freedom struggle and the same benefits Indian interests in Jammu and Kashmir. “By chalking out dissimilar programmes, the separatist leadership is not able to give a proper direction to the Kashmir movement. Today, I again appeal the Hurriyat leadership to unite and lead the people with a common agenda and a cohesive programme. This is an important prerequisite for the accomplishment of Kashmir’s freedom,” Sallah-u-Din appealed.

The UJC chief said that Hurriyat leadership knows who the black sheep are within its ranks and the people also know it much better than him. “We must realize; that Kashmiri youth are offering their blood day in and day out. And in honor of the precious lives of our youth, the Hurriyat leadership must unite. The sincere Hurriyat leadership that is sincere to its constitution should recognize each other and show door to the black sheep,” he observed.

When asked to comment on forthcoming parliamentary elections in Jammu and Kashmir, the UJC chief said: “The the Hurriyat Conference should not discuss on elections whether it is a non issue or an administrative issue. The concern must be that India capitalizes these elections at an international level saying that people of Kashmir are happy within its dominion. In September last UN general assembly, in his speech Dr Manmohan Singh said Kashmiri participate in elections which is an ample proof of their trust in Indian democracy and through votes, Kashmiris endorse accession with India. This is despite that the UN resolutions on Kashmir have made a clear distinction between elections being conducted in Jammu and Kashmir and the UN supervised plebiscite which is yet to take place.”

He said holding elections in presence of seven and a half lakh army has no credibility. “I appeal Hurriyat leadership to rise above little considerations and not to confuse people with their different opinions on elections. Need of the hour is to fight the Indian propaganda vis-à-vis elections. Unless a united Hurriyat leadership reaches out to people with one agenda, and make them aware about the negative impact of elections, people will remain confused. Some will vote and some will refrain from polling but the Hurriyat leadership will be responsible for any negative consequences of elections.”

On union minister of state for home, RPN Singh’s statement in Parliament that government of India was in touch with Mirwaiz led group of Hurriyat Conference, Sallah-u-Din said that people should repose their trust in Mirwaiz in what he has clarified rather than in what has been stated by Mr Singh in the Parliament. “Mirwaiz sahib is not only a respected Hurriyat leader but a religious leader as well. His words cannot be wrong. Mirwaiz sahib says he met former RAW chief A S Dulat but when the later had retired from service. If Mirwaiz sahib has clarified his position, we should not dig deep in that,” he added.

Asked about his opinion on dialogue for the resolution of Kashmir issue, the UJC chief remarked that he favours dialogue process but the same should be held between the three parties to the Kashmir dispute. “The dialogue on Kashmir must be tripartite between India, Pakistan and Kashmir leadership. We should understand that while talking to Pakistan, India sidelines Kashmiri leadership to give an impression that Kashmir is a border dispute between the two countries and sometimes Indian talks to a part of Kashmiri leadership sidelining Pakistan to give an impression that Kashmir is an internal security problem. Unfortunately, a part of Hurriyat leadership and Pakistani government have fallen victims to the Indian approach adopted on dialogue vis-à-vis resolution of Kashmir issue.”

He added that bilateral talks have eroded the sanctity of Kashmir dispute’s international status. “India has directly benefited out of bilateral talks. Sofar the bilateral meetings have taken place some 150 times but can anybody show me any results of these meetings?” he asked.

When asked about the suspension of Cross LoC trade, the UJC chief said that for him the cross LoC trade activity is unimportant. “The cross LoC trade is insignificant for me. Let somebody show me that during the last 65 years there was a single protest demonstration by people of Kashmir demanding Cross LoC trade for onions and tomatoes. This cross LoC trade is damaging the Kashmir cause. But if it is there, let it continue. It is in no way related to our basic issue. The basic issue is how to achieve freedom from the forceful occupation of India. Huge sacrifices are being offered on daily basis. Gross human rights violations are being inflicted in Kashmir. So what is the fun to have this cross LoC trade when the blood of our youth is shed on daily basis. I also urge government of Pakistan to represent the sentiments of Kashmiri people in pragmatic basis and harp about trade activities unnecessarily,” the UJC chief added.

When asked about Supreme Court’s decision to commute deaths sentence of Rajiv Gandhi’s assassins, the UJC chief said: “The mainstream parties are dishonest, immoral, without conscience and worst opportunists. Today they shed crocodile tears just for their vote banks. When Mohammad Afzal Guru’s trial was on Farooq Abdullah (NC patron) said Guru should face the consequences. Saif-u-Din Soz (PCC President) said that law will take its course. PDP leadership backed out from the resolution on Guru. If they are so sympathetic towards their victim nation, they all should quit mainstream politics, leave power, leave assembly and display an open support for their people. They should send a message to Indian establishment, army and the Supreme Court that India has double standards vis-à-vis Kashmir.”

Sallah-u-Din further remarked: “Indian president, Prime Minister, Supreme Court, or the media are on the same page to kill Kashmiris. They are prejudiced towards Kashmiris. Guru was on serial number 28 in list of death row convicts. He was not given a chance to go for judicial review. He was not given a chance to meet his family. All the covenants of justice were bulldozed in Guru’s case. Indian Supreme Court is more culprit than Indian army in killing Kashmiris. The pro Indian parties are crying hoarse on Guru just to please their vote banks. The mainstream parties should draw lessons from Punjab and Tamil Nadu governments how they saved their citizens from gallows even if they killed Rajiv Gandhi in broad day light. There was no solid evidence against Afzal Guru. His trial was conducted under most unfair means. Indian president, Supreme Court and government colluded to kill Guru just to appease the Hindu fanatics in India. Guru’s execution will remain a blot on the face of Indian till times to come.”

The UJC chief took strong exception to building of roads, bridges, tunnels and railway tracks in Jammu and Kashmir saying that ‘India is creating this infrastructure to prolong its occupation in Jammu and Kashmir and those who think freedom will be achieved on dialogue table are living in fool’s paradise.’ “The way USA led NATO left Iraq and is leaving Afghanistan; the way USSR was divided through forceful resistance in Afghanistan; the same resistance struggle has become inevitable for Jammu and Kashmir. It is imperative for the people of Kashmir to force India to quit Kashmir from its occupation and a forceful resistance is now the only option available with the Kashmiri people,” the UJC chief stressed.


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