Ufone Recognizes the Unsung Super Heroes of Pakistan


Ufone occupies a rather special place in the hearts of Pakistanis. And we’re not just talking about those who are subscribers and users of their service, but about what the brand is all about.

Ask anyone what is the most recognizable thing about Ufone and they’d remark about those humorous TVCs that the company airs. Those Ufone TV ads are famous (and hilariously infamous) for poking fun at fellow competitors, just Pakistani things and what not.

The brand built a loyal following with those ads meant for everyone from the rural Pakistani to the increasingly urbane population that includes all demographics. Young and old alike greeted those ads with a grin, featuring a bevy of the most recognizable faces in Pakistani showbiz.

But that was then and this is now.

More Sophisticated and Focused TVCs

Ufone too is embarking on a venture that aims to change its underlying brand perception. The company is now looking at making its messaging resonate with more people.

In order to do that, Ufone’s slogan ‘its all about U’ is acquiring a new focus. The company has already established the fact that it can do humor right. Now Ufone wants to get in tune with the heartbeats of Pakistanis with a range of TVCs to highlight the most exceptional people in our country.

To lay the groundwork of this new Ufone, the company has identified unsung heroes of Pakistan and is executing a campaign that highlight the tales of brave Pakistani souls who have achieved the impossible against all odds.

The tales of individuals such as Muhammad Mohsin Ali, Shamim Akhtar, Saqib Ali Kazmi and Sabia Abbat are but a beginning of a new Ufone that’s all about storytelling and success.

It has also funded individuals and companies that are working towards eliminating poverty in Pakistan cities. These include Khana Ghar, Operation Eid Child, Dewar-e-Meherbani and more that are working for the betterment of the poor and the unfortunate.

This, by the way, is the tip of the iceberg of Ufone’s upcoming activities on the same lines.

Ufone wants to transform its slogan ‘Its All About U.’ As the company has matured, so has the people’s taste. Keeping in mind today’s Pakistan, Ufone can, once again set the tone for meaningful conversations yet to happen.

Through TVCs and a comprehensive 360 degree campaign, Ufone will highlight the life stories of Super Heroes of Pakistan, their struggles and their unparalleled achievements to inspire the nation and instil in them the belief that nothing is beyond their reach.

Bloggers Event in Karachi to Unveil Ufone Super Heroes

Ufone held a bloggers’ event in Karachi to introduce its four Super Heroes to Pakistan. These four individuals, despite their challenges, have risen above and beyond them and made it big in life.

These four individuals include Muhammad Mohsin Ali, Shamim Akhtar, Saqib Ali Kazmi and Sabia Abbat.


Shamim Akhter (L), Mohsin Ali (Second from Left), Saqib Ali Kazmi (third from Left), Sabia Abbat (right)





Heroes in their respective areas, Ufone scouted them and picked them up to portray them as models of excellence to the society, so as to trigger the self-belief and inspiration needed to make it big in life.

Muhammad Mohsin Ali

Mohsin-AliMuhammad Mohsin Ali, aged 25 was the highest achiever in BA/BSC examinations of 2012 in Punjab University despite all the hardships he had to face during that time.

He scored a total of 688 marks out of 800 breaking all previous records in Punjab after which the Chief Minister of Punjab announced that the provincial government will bear all the expenses of Mohsin, who aims to pursue MA in English and later CSS exams.

The talented individual comes from Hafizabad who works at his brother’s Tandoor shop during the day to support his family and contribute to their livelihood.

Mohsin could not afford college fees and hence had to appear as a private candidate. In juggling between the job and supporting his family, Mohsin studied for the exams over a period of 6 months over nights, with barely 4 hours of sleep, to graduate with a BA degree.

Mohsin’s hard work and dedication paid off despite inadequate resources and he topped his batch which had a pass percentage of as low as 39.85 percent.

His parents arrived in Lahore upon receiving the good news and found it hard to believe how well their son had done. His coworkers and friends from hometown were immensely proud of his accomplishment and said he is a very hard working individual.

Mohsin said that everyone should attempt the impossibles in their lives and there’s nothing much you can attain while complaining about challenges that you get in life.

Shamim Akhtar

Shamim-AkhterShamim Akhtar, aged 53 is the first female Pakistani truck driver. The single mother broke all stereotypes to support 2 children at home and cover the cost of 3 daughters’ weddings, decided to take driving lessons for heavy vehicles.

She was issued a public service vehicle license following the Islamabad Traffic Police Training Course.

While most Pakistani male truck drivers lack formal training, Shamim is well known for having an edge when it comes to driving. Her colleagues too, have high regard for her, respect her and enjoy working with her.

The Rawalpindi based driver had been working from an earlier age and started off as an insurance policy sales person and later moved on to embroidery and sewing. She became a quick learner and eventually became a sewing teacher at a school run by a local charity.

She initially passed the light traffic vehicle driving test followed by Heavy traffic vehicles. In the meanwhile she is also operating a driving school where her students greatly look up to her for learning and training. Shamim is still on the roll and currently pursuing her education to clear her matric.

Shamim said she forgot that she is a woman and world should forget that too. She — despite all the challenges — took the life with open heart and embraced the shortcomings of life with dedication and commitment.

She is now earning enough to make her ends meet.

Saqib Ali Kazmi

Saqib-Ali-KazmiSaqib Ali Kazmi is an inspiring young entrepreneur and social worker from Karachi. From education to health, Kazmi works in the development sector to help the underprivileged of our society however he can.

He started a project called “Mera Karachi Meri Zimmedari”. The name being self-explanatory focused on the role of each individual towards the society instead of relying on the politicians or ruling elites to save us.

Starting off he worked in a small school and later with the help of his friends identified 2 areas of development in Interior Sindh that is water and education.

To resolve the water crisis in the area, Saqib and his friends installed 320 hand pumps in different areas of Interior Sindh, particularly Gharo and Thatta.

Saqib and the team also manage an educational venture in a village in Gharo. They provide books, free education, uniform and linguistic training to children to allow them to grow and prosper as well as make a difference.

Sabia Abbat

Sabia-AbbatSabia Abbat from Haripur, became the first woman from Hazara district to win the National Cycling Championship in 2013.

Being a sports enthusiast since childhood, she decided to leave behind the norms and pursue her passion of cycling.

With immense support from her family and friends, she represented her institution in various competitions. Her biggest motivation was the fact the she barely came across women who knew how to cycle and just knew that is what she wanted to pursue.

Throughout the journey, she had to face various challenges from women rarely owning cycles to the cost of competing in championships and not having the right terrain to train, but each time she got up and dusted herself off to take a step further towards her aims.

She initially used her uncle’s cycle and for the competitions, relied on the federation for the professional gear and travelled to Lahore for extensive training due to unavailability of cycling arenas in her district. After immense efforts, she not only made it to the National Cycling Championship but also won it in 2013.

Since 1996, Sabia Abbat is the first woman to excel at cycling as a sport and today she holds a bachelor’s degree in physical education, is a trained army athlete and an inspiration for other budding athletes.









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