Two children are killed in India-controlled Kashmir by a bomb


A blast in a village in India-administered Kashmir has injured five civilians and killed two children, a day after assailants shot at a row of homes, killing at least four, according to police.

In Dhangri village in the southern Rajouri district, the explosion took place close to one of the homes that had been targeted overnight. The explosion resulted in the deaths of a boy aged 5 and a girl aged 12. At a hospital, the injured were receiving treatment.

Mukesh Singh, a high-ranking police officer, disclosed to reporters that on Sunday night, two men indiscriminately opened fire on three Dhangri homes. He stated that five civilians were wounded and four were killed.

The two attacks at Dhangri, which are close to the highly militarized Line of Control that divides the disputed region between India and Pakistan, were perpetrated by resistance against Indian rule, according to the police.

It was not clear whether the attackers had left behind the explosive.

Specialists surged police and warriors to the area and were looking for the assailants.

Protest over killings

In Dhangri, hundreds of people gathered to protest the killings, chanting slogans condemning the perpetrators. The killings were also protested by nearly three dozen people in the southern city of Jammu, which Manoj Sinha, New Delhi’s top regional administrator, characterized as a “cowardly terror attack.”

He declared, “I assure the people that those responsible for this despicable attack will not go unpunished.”

Each of India and Pakistan holds title to the divided territory of Kashmir.

Since 1989, rebels in the part of Kashmir controlled by India have been opposing New Delhi’s rule.

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