Turkey begins fresh offensive in Iraq


ISTANBUL: Turkey on Monday said it has sent off another air and ground hostile against prohibited Kurdish aggressors in northern Iraq including extraordinary powers and battle drones.

Safeguard Minister Hulusi Akar said commando units, automated flying vehicles and assault helicopters were beating Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) safe-houses in three anxious locales close to the Turkish boundary.

Assigned as a fear based oppressor bunch by Ankara and its Western partners, the PKK has been pursuing a rebellion against the Turkish state beginning around 1984 that has guaranteed huge number of lives.

Turkey regularly does assaults in Iraq, where the PKK has bases and instructional courses in the Sinjar district and on the rugged line with Turkey.

“Our courageous pilots effectively struck covers, caverns, passages and ammo stops having a place with the psychological militant association,” Akar said.

“An enormous number of psychological militants were killed,” he said, adding that the size of the activity will “further expansion in the next few hours and days”.

Akar wouldn’t agree that the number of troops were associated with the activity, which he expressed began on Sunday night.

Requested to remark on Turkey’s activity, a PKK representative in Iraq said on state of secrecy: “The occupation armed force, which attempted to land troops by helicopters, likewise needed to progress via land.

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