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TTP Syria

TTP representatives have talked to different news agencies in past few days, claiming they are all set to shift their tent in Syria; they will assess “the need of the Jihad” they told BBC; and they have decided to join the cause in Syria in order to fight alongside their “Mujahedeen friends”, one of them told the Reuters.

Tehreek Taliban Pakistan has been on the retreat since many months now, as the 2014 withdrawal approaches. The Pak Army has clean swept them from many of their stronghold in several operations in the last few months, and there have been news of the TTP trying to find safe havens anywhere around the world, where it would strike a deal.

This cowardly move of the TTP has thus left its identity totally exposed as mercenaries, who would kill, bomb and spread terror on the behest of anyone/anywhere for dollars.

“When our brothers needed our help, we sent hundreds of fighters along with our Arab friends,” one senior commander told Reuters, adding that the group would soon issue videos of what he described as their victories in Syria.

“They are acting like global jihadists, precisely with the agenda that al-Qaeda has got. This is a way, I suppose, to cement relationships with the Syrian militant groups … and to enlarge their sphere of influence” said Rashid in a report of Reuters.

Mohammad Amin, a senior Taliban operative and “co-coordinator of the Syrian base”, told the BBC that the cell to monitor “the jihad” in Syria was set up six months ago.

He said that the cell has the approval of militant factions both within and outside of the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), an umbrella organization of militant groups fighting the Pakistani forces.

US Secretary of State John Kerry met with foreign ministers from European and Arab nations on Saturday, underlining that military support to rebels would need to increase “in order to have an impact on the ground.” Congress… Lawmakers moved to block increased military aid, fearing that weapons would fall into the hands of terrorist groups. US analysts are particularly concerned over the strengthening of the Syrian al-Qaeda-affiliated group al-Nusra Front, also known as Jabhat al-Nusra, reported by RT news.

While European countries are posing non-involvement in Syria’s case, the Obama Administration is perhaps covertly supporting the Al-Qaida Groups, though not jumping into conflict directly.

Apparently representatives of the TTP are hands in hands with correspondents of the TOI, who have been getting minor details on the movement of small groups, they report:  Three Pakistani intelligence officials based in the tribal region that borders Afghanistan, as well as militants themselves, say the fighters leaving Pakistan for Syria include members of al-Qaeda, the Pakistani Taliban and Suleman’s group, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. The fighters fall mainly into two categories. One includes foreign combatants from places like Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and likely the Middle East… Another group of 40, including Hamza, is expected to leave in the coming weeks, he said …he did not know which group they would join. The head of the network sending these militants is a former Lashkar-e-Jhangvi leader named Usman Ghani, Hamza said. Another key member is a Pakistani Taliban fighter named Alimullah Umry, who is sending fighters to Ghani from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Hamza said.

One should remember that these groups have always taken advantage of the fault lines in the societal fabrics of different Muslim countries, and it should be considered ‘nobody’s success’ if they find safe haven anywhere in the world. Keeping in view the sectarian dimension of the conflict; Syria will be a haven for Lashkari-e-Jangvi and Tehreek Taliban Pakistan, to play their Tafreeki death-game once again in a new setting.

It must be noted that like Al-Qaida is a face of many organization all over the world, similarly TTP is also a face of 40 plus different organizations spreading havoc around Pakistan. The US/Western war machine along with India has been picking and deploying these organizations for their vicious interests, now the US/NATO war Machine are offering them to join the war in Syria. In doing this the US might hijack the situation from groups like FSA, as the likes of TTP have opened Takfeeri-Ideology, and have the potential to add new dimensions to the fight.

Although the Saudi government has stance in favor of the rebel forces but it would be at fault in encouraging an Immoral Mercenary group to enter Syria that may have a tendency to destroy all moral/social structure of a society.

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  1. A relatively informative article where the author identifies several of the personalities involved in the TTP…but I see he failed to keep it professional in the end by reverting to the repeated lie that these cowardly terrorist groups are somehow controlled by the west?…the west is sending drones to kill the TTP…is there any wonder that Pakistan cannot stop the internal terrorist activity in its own country when there are journalist who are ready to confuse the people by lying about who the real enemy is?…when will you get past inserting your useless conspiracy theories and just report the facts of a story?…

    • I agreed that these terrorists are not supported by west. The reality is that the afghan & pakistani pushtuns (talibans) living across pak afghan border are brain washed by al-qaeda. The truth is that, that al-qaeda declared jihad against US to take revenge of US injustice and atrocities towards muslims, al-qaeda think that by killing innocent & ordinary american citizens arround the world is mean they have defeated US govt and army and they call it jihad. I think killing innocent americans & europeans is not a jihad rather I suggest that all the afghan and pakistani taliban with al-qaeda fighters should go to north America and attack directly on US and fight with US govt and army that will be the real jihad. If they could do so then ok or they should convince their country’s govt to call for jihad against US otherwise they should stay calm & peaceful in their respective countries with democratic protests for their cause.

      But here every thing is going in opposite direction, Afghan & pakistani pushtuns (talibans) adopted the al-qaeda theory that’s why they supported al-qaeda in 1996 after capturing kabul and handed over afghanistan to be used for world terrorism. It is due to al-qaeda’s terrorist activities that US was provoked to attack Afghanistan. I think both afghan & Pakistani taliban should realize that have made a foolish, stupid & dumb mistake by supporting al-qaeda & its terrorism ideology, so they should give up this so called jihad & fight which destroyed their own mother land, killed their own muslim brothers on base less un-islamic ideology of al-qaeda, and live a peaceful life in their country & stop supporting al-qaeda once for all.

      In the end I must say that now it is the duty of our country’s ulama and muftis, religious leaders, scholars and parties to convinced these rebells that there actions are all un islamic, their war is not a jihad but fasad and they are used by al-qaeda & its un islamic, false ideolgy

  2. So much commonality between a flesh trade selling prostitute and these TTP who are prostitutes and sell their soul to commit crimes and atrocities for a few dollars of pittance; Shameless animals in human form; There is no difference between these two and both are working for pimps in the west; These TTP who think they are muslims are actually slaves of iblees and dance to the tune of hellish screams resonating from hell and eternal punishment;

  3. @The Bomb Man!

    Get a life mate..

    @ Eddied!

    The angel in the end is not a lie, we are compiling a data of drones, so we know, how much drones are flying for TTP and how much they are on the mission of killing others!!

  4. Writer seems to be biased by quoting false status of TTP. Infact Takfeeri and Murtid are the terms used by Agencies to hide Pak Army obvious nasty face in the War of Terror. Who has been takfeeri means denying the Islamic adjunctions and being ally of Aisaf and NATO is a stone written fact.

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