TTP claims attack on Karachi airport


TTP, Karachi, Karahi Airport,KARACHI: Pakistani officials say a brazen five-hour attack by militants on the international airport in Karachi left 28 people, including 10 attackers, dead but police managed to regain control of the terminal.

Rizwan Akhtar, the paramilitary Rangers chief, said all 10 “terrorists” who attacked the Jinnah International Airport have been killed.

He said Pakistani forces were combing through the terminal and would hand it back to civilian authority later Monday.

The attack started late Sunday when gunmen disguised as police guards stormed the terminal after opening fire with machine guns and a rocket launcher.

Akhtar said some of the attackers were apparently Uzbeks.

The Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) claimed responsibility for the attack.

The attack all but destroys prospects for significant peace talks with the government of Nawaz Sharif, who came to power last year promising to find a negotiated solution to years of violence.

Peace talks between the government and the Pakistani Taliban have failed in recent months, dampening hopes of reaching a negotiated settlement with the insurgency, which continues attacks against government and security targets.


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  1. If this story is accurate, then it means that TTP is bringing in foreign fighters to attack Pakistan?…are Chechens being trained by the TTP to commit suicide while attacking Pakistan government installations?…this is more than Pakistans war on terrorism…it is becoming a civil war in Pakistan…

  2. A rag tag Uzbek out fit attacks Karachi Airport with pin point precision in a highly organized text book operation to inflict maximum civilian and commercial / economic damage armed with sophisticated Russian made and Indian weapons claimed by a the TTP whose cave man leader sits in Kunar.

    Does it add up to you, yes it does not add to me either.

    Something has them irked.

    If the fat punjabi starts tackling about peace talks something is going on here.

    This is a well coordinated operation to destroy Pakistan from within, create civil unrest, bloodshed and capitalize on terror so no Pakistani feels safe. This destroys Pakistan’s economy and with zero foreign investment the lap dogs in government will cut and run and the army will be left powerless.

    It will dog eat dog which will culminate in armed struggle that the army can not contain and the border security will diminish pang the way for your enemies to walk in or hand Pakistan over to the UN or US as a client state.

    You have seen this before Pakistan, it’s a re run of 1971.

    When will you fools wake up and drag the democracy you craved for by its fore locks and string up those who have misused it.

    Pakistan needs to be restored and as hard it is for some fools, it’s high time Martial Law was declared and one by one string up the corrupt politicians and media pundits etc.

    Hunt every sleeper cell and seal your borders.

    What is foreign policy if you have no bloody state you fat foolish Punjabi.

    Give your people shelter i.e. Security rule number one.
    Give your people water and sustenance

    Remove the venomous, treacherous snakes.

    Then discuss trade / economy and give these people hope.

    The fat punjabi reads another’s script and leading Pakistan to destruction and is no better than Zardari. As much as we hate Zardari he at least “tried” this fool does not care at all.

    We need Martial Law and it is high time you accept this until the security situation is restored and the country picks it up I say scroooooooo democracy.

    Martial law for a 5 years to a decade will see Pakistan safe and no one will turn it’s back on Pakistan it’s too strategic for this to happen it will be bau.

    What is democracy giving you a fat jalebi eating puppet and a rise in deaths and total collapse of Pakistani society is coming if things do not improve.

    Pakistanis have endured far too long they can not keep a brave face, it’s do or die time.

    If Pakistanis are going to be sacrificed willy nilly it is high time we stand united and fight back and call a spade a spade and snuff these terror cells funded and armed by foreign states out by hook or crook.

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