Trump – A Deluded Narcissist


Yesterday President Trump tweeted again as usual and blamed Pakistan and called the whole nation a liar. Actually, Donald Trump is suffering from bipolar disorder and throws tantrums at other countries specially Pakistan to divert attention from his domestic political and economic blunders. The tweets show his level of frustration and lack of seriousness. He pressurizes Pakistan to show his hegemonic power. As we know that US invasion of Afghanistan has a great example of showing dominance in the world. But China is arising to seize an economic market of the world, and a great threat to US economic market. US wants to get access to Pakistan side to tackle China and creates threats for CPEC because she wonders that CPEC may change regional connectivity to the world.

The USA wants not only to de-nuclearize Pakistan and tackle China but also pave the way for Russia to get access to warm water according to warm water theory. I think he is doing these imprudent acts for saving his face in the wake of North Korean President’s forceful response to his threats. North Korea didn’t surrender to the US pressure and vowed to continue improving their Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles arsenal. Trump administration needed to demonstrate their power to the world, that America is still a superpower. But, World is not more unipolar. We are heading towards a multipolar world. American assessment of their world influence is totally wrong. Donald Trump’s behavior is like the child who wants to win the game at any cost but when he loose then starts the blame game.

Noam Chomsky, the eminent intellectual said “Donald Trump is a clown – literally; he could be in the circus. He’s getting huge support from people who are angry at everything. Mostly white males. Working-class, middle-class, poor white males. And their wives and traditional families. They are furious about everything”. America is an inventor of terrorism in Afghanistan. In the past, we were the ally of the USA in the war against terror. But Trump throwing his demands very speedily. As I think, Trump is a pyromaniac who could set the region on fire with this madness. Noam Chomsky has discussed the Republican Party is the most “dangerous organization in the human history”. He further added, “Has there ever been an organization in human history that is dedicated, with such commitment, to the destruction of organized human life on Earth?”

DG ISPR has already made it clear that “Pakistan has done more to defeat terrorism than anyone, now the world will do more”. 80,000 innocent Pakistanis have been killed in US” war on terror”. 33 billion US dollar in 15 years is like giving peanuts to the elephant. The US has been unsuccessful in Afghanistan, and couldn’t accomplish his mission successfully. Instead of shifting blame to us, Trump must revisit his policy for Afghanistan. We have done what we could for the world now the world must do more to defeat the menace of terrorism rather dragging us into the blame game. It is a great opportunity to break the begging bowl. We are an independent country and we cannot compromise on our sovereignty.

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