Trump’s Unabated Antagonism And Adamant Iran


Mr. Trump by profession was an architect, but that doesn’t mean you keep building a high rise in politics also. The perpetual unabated antagonism from Mr. Trump’s administration to all those nations who are planning to either cultivate nuclear arsenal for their defense, or are a threat in some way to it, and it’s cossetted cronies who facilitated to turn him into a more chaotic despot.

Mr. Trump by nature is obstinate, and a rigid person, he broke his collision with other foremost powers last month and repudiated to formally endorse Iran’s agreement with the nuclear deal. However, as a result in give-and-take, most sanctions were lifted for Tehran to curtail its nuclear developments

“United States is our foremost enemy.” Mr. Ayatollah Khamenei professed without any hesitations on a televised speech on Monday. Talking to a group of students he also flagrantly stated that Trump’s imprudent remarks against the Iranian nation are an evident indication of its deep enmity. Nevertheless, Tehran under no circumstances will come under any compression or surrender to Washington’s pressure.

“We will never agree to their victimization over the nuclear deal, the Americans are using all the mischief to mutilate the outcomes of the nuclear talks. Khamenei said vehemently.

Shi‘ite-dominated Iran and its regional arch-rival, U.S.-backed Sunni Saudi Arabia, are engaged in proxy wars across the region, in order, to patronage opposite sides in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon.

It is not to forget that the Saudi Arabia, the so-called ‘Guardians of the Faith ‘is playing a vital role being a special ally of the US to defuse the development of Iran’s nuclear innovations, moreover, it is their dominant strategy less desire, that a Shi’ite state must not surge as a nuclear power, and can play its most vicious part and go to any extent to deactivate not only the nuclear but their regional strength and also their soil enrichment.

The Saudis played an active role in supporting the rebel in Syria with weapons and other requisites. During the attacks on Syria, thousands of innocent civilians lost their lives and countless left homeless. If the western media is not unveiling the true facts it doesn’t mean the world remains ignorant.

Meanwhile, the deal that was reached in 2015, under Barack Obama, Mr. Trump has called that nuclear agreement, “the worst deal ever negotiated” and has embraced a harsh approach towards Iran over its nuclear and ballistic missile.

Khamenei has unrelenting denounce the United States widely, signifying that resentment between the two countries since the 1979 Islamic revolution in Tehran would not abate because of the accord. Iran and the United States detached diplomatic ties shortly after the revolution when extreme students took 52 Americans as captives.

Under the pact, other signatories; France, Germany Britain, Russia, and China, including the European Union also signifies that; Washington cannot individually cancel an international treaty protected by a U.N. resolution.

The Iranian officials also repeatedly said that Tehran would observe to the nuclear accord, but only if the other counter-signers would stand by the rules, however, if the deal falls apart the repercussions would be unexpected.

Under what authority the United States is making such bold statement is beyond logic. Most recently Washington has imposed new sanctions on Iran over its missile activity, calling on Tehran not to develop missiles capable of delivering nuclear bombs. Iran at several occasions expressed its intentions that it has no intentions to develop harmful strategies and its missile package is solely for defense purposes.

However, it seems Mr. Trump is on a mission to dictate his policies that are only favorable for the US and his like-minded associates. He recently approved a range of sanctions touching North Korea and sternly warned Pyongyang to give up nuclear weapons. Mr. Trump also warned he would “totally destroy” North Korea if it endangered the United States or its associates.

“Any retreat by Iran will make America more blatant and impertinent” as if presently they are flexible.  “Resistance is the only option.” Any rhetoric from Mr. Trump seems a threat.

Trump, also approved a variety of sanctions against North Korea and is at the beginning of his drive for Pyongyang to give up nuclear weapons. Trump has warned he would “completely destroy” North Korea if it threatened the United States or its allies.

In a customary manner, Mr. Trump also accused Iran of supporting terrorism in the Middle East. Nevertheless, Iran discarded the allegations and in turn, blamed the growth of militant groups such as Islamic State on the policies and protocol of the United States, and its regional allies which, has a point for those who ponder.

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