Trick or Treat: Financial Aid and Targeting Mehsud


Any disturbance in the 2014 effort of the US will certainly derogate the strategic situation of this already festering region. The elimination of Hakeemullah Mehsud inside Pakistan before the negotiations prevents this situation to happen and allows for an exact opposite. Lo and behold! Trick AND treat.

The news of Hakeem’s elimination alone is credible enough to allow any potential benefactors to take their designs and start doing what they do best – subduing the subdued regime. I tried to prioritize preferences for Pakistan in my article entitled “Negotiations: A Collision Course of Opposing Wills”, but if this news holds any water, then the only preference for Pakistan is to brace for impact, because this drone strike would not go away like the rest. But there is something else, covertly lurking in the hindsight of all that has happened in the past month or so.

The Osama-bin-Laden operation came and went, dealing a severe blow to Pakistan, not only in terms of regional strategy but also in terms of its own indigenous designs for the scenario post-2014. The secrecy and sheer confusion regarding ‘Neptune Spear’ and the events that followed were enough to create fissures in the regional stakes held by Pakistan. However, the suspension of financial aid to Pakistan by the Congress and the increase in drone strikes in the region further exacerbated the quandary that surrounded Pakistan, making the task of the fulfillment of regional strategic designs more Herculean than before.

Then we see a regime change in Pakistan and a government not on the ‘coalition’ criteria, and immediately, finances in Pakistan escalate and prices skyrocket, creating what seem to be either grounds for midterm elections or a patchwork of the previous damages. Whatever it is, it does not look pretty, considering that so much has happened in Pakistan and the Prime Minister is still nowhere to be found, while the military hierarchy awaits a decision.

Now with Hakeemullah Mehsud eliminated, there is little hope that the TTP will bother about the negotiations anymore, and may even go on to threaten the government by derogating the internal security to such an extent that midterm elections may become necessary for sustenance from all that has befallen during the third Nawaz government.

However, one can think boldly by seeing this elimination as the final closure of all the attached strings and backfired contingencies that may have hampered the withdrawal. With Hakeemullah Mehsud out of the picture, and the TTP frantically increasing their magnitude of operations countered by a military operation to crush or subdue the remaining caches of terrorists in the FATA sector. The US can actually orchestrate an easy, secure and economically feasible withdrawal, as the Central Asian routes may prove to be expensive like they used to be during the time of the supply lines for the Afghan war.

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is a Masters in Strategic and Nuclear Studies from the National Defense University. He can be reached on

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  1. It looks as though that people like YOU (the authors of this article) believe in “trick-or-treating” etc etc … in other words you are all the same as the YUPPIES of America!!! You are the POODLES (the dogs and the P I G S) of Israel… otherwise, WHY else would you write about such things in relation to the end of life of such a great warrior??? He was (Mr. Mehsud) the face of the Pakistani Khilafat … that would have onward become the FORCE of the worldwide KHILAFAT movement!!! The fact that you denigrate this great man by associating it with some BULLSHIT American Halloween clap-trap makes one all the more suspicious and dooubtful that you are ALL in fact in the PAY of the American and ISRAELI intelligence forces! Shame on you!!

    • Are you completely insane? Hakiillah the terrorist leader was a great man?…he was a mass murderer of Pakistanis…the blood of thousands of innocents on his hands….it is incredible that the biggest killer in the country is considered a good person by some….how can people be so completely brainwashed that they honor the death of a mass murderer?

    • Totally taken out of context my friend. Even though your language was extremely offensive but I respect your opinion and I value your criticism. The purpose of trick or treat analogy was not to encourage the Halloween or to gratify whatever it may hold but it aims at identifying how we were duped by this drone strike to make Pakistan more insecure and on the other hand, our Prime Minister is treated like all our leaders before. Khilafat or no khilafat, that is another thing, but my article focuses on what happened, why it happened and what we should brace for as Pakistanis. Overall, I wish if only you had used the skill of logic rather than the harshness and hatred that already surrounds our nation. Thank you for your comment anyway

      • Mr. Author,

        You do not need to respond to the Indian that tries to act like a Pakistani. They do this all the time, they post in our websites, articles, facebook accounts – you name it they are there – they are only trying to divide us (Pakistani’s) No Pakistani supports the Kharjites TTP DOGS!!!

  2. Vakil,

    The only way deluded fools like you realise the error of your ways is to go forth in the footsteps of your idol a cold blooded killer, a terrorist.

    Hope your end is as bloody and you are rightfully condemned to an eternity in damnation.

    Shame on you for your ignorance of all the innocent Pakistanis he and his associates killed indiscriminately knowingly or unknowingly on the behest of foreign states actor.

    What was his cause certainly not Khilafah or the principles of The Rashiduns.
    Judge a man by his actions and his fruits and this wretched man was a mercenary a khwarij, a butcher, cold blooded killer.

    Good riddance and to all who supported this fool.

  3. @ Vakil… Check you IQ level. The Author tried to explain the “strategic” issues here, he was intelligent enough to chalk down what was needed…but You actually tried to portray that “faith ful” muslims are as dumbs as “donkeys”. Which obviously is not true. So either you are from a “dumb class” with in Muslim community, or I have to concur with my friends above, that you not at all from this community.


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