Trick or Treat: Financial Aid and Targeting Mehsud


The thing about the Halloween that really makes the event worth celebrating is the ‘Trick or Treat’ question, and this ‘open show of horror’ has done exactly the same for Pakistan. The trick was simple; but what treat are we expecting in the coming days?

Hakimullah Mehsud

A night before the Halloween, the world prepares to have a night legitimizing horror, but Meeran Shah celebrates this festival perhaps a night early. With the news that the infamous leader of the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, Hakeemullah Mehsud, has been eliminated in a drone strike just after the announcement of the Prime Minister of Pakistan that the negotiations with the TTP are due underway and only the venues as well as the schedule remain to be finalized, the peace process seems to have been blown off. Even though the TTP ‘officials’ (an archaic but popular term used for negotiators of a non-state terrorist entity) complained that the government is not serious in negotiating and is merely stalling the peace talks for no obvious reasons, the government persisted that in a few more days, the entire plan would be completed and subsequently implemented.

Now, where news surfaces at the recent drone strike that has eliminated the TTP leader, there is hardly any positive signs with respect to the scheduled round of negotiations.

The thing about the Halloween that really makes the event worth celebrating is the ‘Trick or Treat’ question, and this ‘open show of horror’ has done exactly the same for Pakistan. The trick was simple; but what treat are we expecting in the coming days?

The recent, unsuccessful ‘successful’ visit of the Pakistani Prime Minister raised a few eyebrows if not questions. While writing my previous article, “Afghan Withdrawal: Rejuvenating the Carrots and Sticks of Economy”, I left out the end because I myself was not absolutely sure about the prospective turn of events, but this is strategy; nothing is absolute. As soon as the shutdown in the US was terminated, Pakistan’s Premier visited the US and, like a habit, raised the no drone question to which the only answer was the release of financial aid. This is where Pakistan got the treat but missed seeing the trick.

While the Prime Minister is still on his foreign visits, trying to settle any future strategy that he may have had on his mind the day he started his world tour, Pakistan has started showing fatigue. With the top military brass preparing for a change, the negotiations still in the docks and KPK proclaiming an anti-federalist stance for the closure of NATO supply, the elimination of Hakeemullah Mehsud can have devastating effects in the coming days.

If this narrative does not clarify what the trick was, then a simpler version is presented herewith; the negotiations imply a prospective settlement of disputes and pacification (conditional and periodic) of hostility close to the Afghan border, consequently allowing the TTP to look for avenues elsewhere, primarily in Afghanistan.

The TTP’s eyeing Afghanistan does not really encourage the withdrawal efforts. Considering the economic hiccups of the American financial sector and the overall silence of other global powerhouses, the United States of America is not really prepared mentally, economically, strategically and socially for the reception of all those who are returning from troubled lands. The lack of convenience in withdrawal allows regional and global stakeholders to take advantage of the situation and engage in implementing their own designs for the region, which clearly the US will never approve of, ultimately disturbing the 2014 design.

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  1. It looks as though that people like YOU (the authors of this article) believe in “trick-or-treating” etc etc … in other words you are all the same as the YUPPIES of America!!! You are the POODLES (the dogs and the P I G S) of Israel… otherwise, WHY else would you write about such things in relation to the end of life of such a great warrior??? He was (Mr. Mehsud) the face of the Pakistani Khilafat … that would have onward become the FORCE of the worldwide KHILAFAT movement!!! The fact that you denigrate this great man by associating it with some BULLSHIT American Halloween clap-trap makes one all the more suspicious and dooubtful that you are ALL in fact in the PAY of the American and ISRAELI intelligence forces! Shame on you!!

    • Are you completely insane? Hakiillah the terrorist leader was a great man?…he was a mass murderer of Pakistanis…the blood of thousands of innocents on his hands….it is incredible that the biggest killer in the country is considered a good person by some….how can people be so completely brainwashed that they honor the death of a mass murderer?

    • Totally taken out of context my friend. Even though your language was extremely offensive but I respect your opinion and I value your criticism. The purpose of trick or treat analogy was not to encourage the Halloween or to gratify whatever it may hold but it aims at identifying how we were duped by this drone strike to make Pakistan more insecure and on the other hand, our Prime Minister is treated like all our leaders before. Khilafat or no khilafat, that is another thing, but my article focuses on what happened, why it happened and what we should brace for as Pakistanis. Overall, I wish if only you had used the skill of logic rather than the harshness and hatred that already surrounds our nation. Thank you for your comment anyway

      • Mr. Author,

        You do not need to respond to the Indian that tries to act like a Pakistani. They do this all the time, they post in our websites, articles, facebook accounts – you name it they are there – they are only trying to divide us (Pakistani’s) No Pakistani supports the Kharjites TTP DOGS!!!

  2. Vakil,

    The only way deluded fools like you realise the error of your ways is to go forth in the footsteps of your idol a cold blooded killer, a terrorist.

    Hope your end is as bloody and you are rightfully condemned to an eternity in damnation.

    Shame on you for your ignorance of all the innocent Pakistanis he and his associates killed indiscriminately knowingly or unknowingly on the behest of foreign states actor.

    What was his cause certainly not Khilafah or the principles of The Rashiduns.
    Judge a man by his actions and his fruits and this wretched man was a mercenary a khwarij, a butcher, cold blooded killer.

    Good riddance and to all who supported this fool.

  3. @ Vakil… Check you IQ level. The Author tried to explain the “strategic” issues here, he was intelligent enough to chalk down what was needed…but You actually tried to portray that “faith ful” muslims are as dumbs as “donkeys”. Which obviously is not true. So either you are from a “dumb class” with in Muslim community, or I have to concur with my friends above, that you not at all from this community.


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