Tribute to Masood Hamid

Karachi loses yet another great personality in the shape of Masood Hamid, Dawn Media Group Director Marketing, to the unstable law and order situation in the city. Yet another beautiful soul is lost to the fires of terrorism.
I knew Mr. Masood Hamid as a remarkable, qualified and highly experienced professional who was a God-gifted leader to the Herald Publications group. I was first introduced to him in the year 2008 during a marketing campaign that I was running for the company, which employed me back then. I found him to be a man of great integrity, honour and respect. His personal demeanour was nothing short of the definition of a gentleman and he had an aura of excellence around him. He was a very good friend to those who could befriend him, because professionally he was bound not to make too many friends in business. He was a man who would keep his commitments by all means possible and a professional who was one hundred percent reliable in his dealings. His leadership skills were inspirational because he had that solid and dependable personality. He inspired me to continue life and profession with the same zeal and enthusiasm after the foreign company I worked with ceased operations in Pakistan due to the rampant violence in the city in 2010. For two years we had an excellent professional relationship and given the age difference and my lack of experience, he advised and mentored me throughout the time. Personally, he was a dear friend who cared and stayed in touch. I am at a loss for words to describe how great a man he was and how much it hurts to find out one day that he has lost his life in the same city where he spent the past 28 years, making it a better place. I pray to ALLAH SWT to forgive his sins and grant him a place in Paradise. I pray for the well-being of his family and hope that they will cope with life after he has left them, with the same positive attitude that he taught to the thousands that he influenced the lives of.
Mr. Masood Hamid’s demise in Karachi is the evidence that the prevailing law and order situation of the city is nothing short of absolute madness. Whether it was personal enmity, a professional one, pressure tactic or a snatch-kill-and run incident, holds no significance now that we have lost this gem of a person. No words can condole the loss that the family is going to face, primarily because the value of life runs lowest in Karachi as compared to any other city of Pakistan. Karachi being the only metropolitan city, should be given top priority to restore absolute peace in the city, where we do not lose lives of leaders who are such important and in fact the only real assets of Pakistan. We lost some of the greatest people of Pakistan to Karachi’s ugly and lethal “politics”. We lost Hakeem Saeed (Hamdard), we lost Shahid Hamid (MD, KESC), we lost numerous doctors, lawyers, we lost hard working labourers that were burned alive inside a factory, we lost top law enforcement officers like Chaudhry Aslam, we lost engineers, religious scholars and innumerable others. In short, we have lost assets from every walk of life to the menace we know as terrorism – something that has prevailed long before 9/11, and till date continues under the guise of “political” and “democratic” norms. The Dark side has taken over Karachi and today, more than ever, it has become absolutely necessary for the concerned authorities to take away the “political” leverage of those responsible for tens of thousands of innocent deaths. All these terrorizing mafias of Karachi should get their just deserts and should be eliminated without impunity. The trend must change; those who order the hits, burning alive of people, damaging of city property should be hit by the law enforcing agencies before they dare to take more innocent lives.

is Software Engineer from University of Huddersfield, UK. Working as Integrated Solutions Consultant in Saudi Arabia

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  1. Masood Hamid committed suicide. Why? Simple reason! The case has been closed now. The media was asked not to publish or broadcast any news coverage/breaking news on his tragic death. Dawn’s CEO Hameed Haroon pretty quickly realized the need to convert the suicide to homicide by pressing all the TV channels/publishers/broadcasters were asked to refrain from giving any kind of coverage to that incident. Though the step seems appropriate on part of Dawn management but extremely shocking as to why such a brilliant and extra ordinary gentleman like Masood Hamid, who was brave, strong, intelligent, wise and powerful in the media industry can take such an extreme step. Looking closely at the picture and the scene, his own revolver was used and no other shots were heard or fired proves enough to term it as suicide. One single shot in the head was fired… The killer/s would never wait for victim’s gun… Either they will abduct or fire at random just like it happened with Sabeen Mahmud. If someone was chasing him with the intention of killing him, would never take him to a serene and remote place to kill him.
    Either something went terribly wrong in his personal life or he must have threatened someone to prove something which was only possible with his death.

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