A Tribute to Junaid Jamshed.


Tall. Fair. Handsome. Wow
A group comes on PTV and all college girls go crazy watching these 80s Hunks.
Gossiping –who are they?oh wow did u see the new group
Vital Signs,oh man the lead singer is to die for?
Singing Dil Dil Pakistan,
Then comes Goray Rang ka zamana. And all Fair looking girls thinking he sang that song for one of them.
Later Sanwali Saloni see mehbooba and the dark skin are going ga ga
That’s for me he is singing for..
He was an absolute Heart-throb for many of us .The group became famous and so did Junaid Jamshed Individually .
The unforgettable Days of College life and the cassettes of Vital Signs in our Van,at Home,in Car and yes the concerts.
Wow to my memory lane.
Then His marriage was announced and so he broke all our hearts.
Questions..who is he marrying?
Must be a pretty girl?
Oh why he is marrying?
Talk talk talk And Junaid Jamshed tied the knot and looked so happy.
So we moved on sulking and feeling so jealous..
Then suddenly the group broke up and Junaid becomes a Maulana shocking for a lot of liberal lot.Most of us were actually saddened but he didn’t care..
He did what he thought was the right decision for him.
People gossiped but He kept his head high.
Became a Successful Business man and all we know instead of buying his cassettes we started buying his cloths for us and later the Meat one shop where we would buy our weekly meat in a more professional way for the family.
Transition from A teenager to Married women to a mom
Just like buying a cassette to buying a kurta for hubby to buying meat for kids ..
Junaid Jamshed is a name
An icon which itself is a success.
A quality provider Icon.
Then we watched him during Ramazan Transmission
Reciting Naats
And those innocent selfies which some made controversial and one  Khitab which made life miserable for him,few extremist lot pushed him,abused him and misbehaved with him at the Airport while others only looked and condemned.
That was the last I saw of him on a show crying and couldn’t control his emotions but yes he moved on again and now today the news of Junaid Jamshed as one of the passenger on that Chitral bound plane which crashed.
Today He is dead and no more with us.
But yes I can only hear him sing Dil Dil Pakistan,his face without beard is flashing back on my mind and I wonder did we lost him then or we lost him today
I salute you for doing what you wanted to do..
You Will remain my last & forever memory of Junaid Jamshed.

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  1. Junaid Jamshed is not among us today but memories go far down the lane. He was an icon. He shall always be remembered. May Allah rest his soul in peace

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