Treachery to hoist Pakistan flag, warns Indian army chief


NEW DELHI (Web Desk) – The army chief of India Bipin Rawat has warned people in occupied Kashmir to stop hoisting national flag of Pakistan at their homes. He said on Wednesday that people who hoist Pakistan flag in IoK will be strictly dealt with.

He harshly denounced the act by affirming that those who hoist Pakistan flag are traitors. Bipin Rawat admitted that people are facilitating and supporting the Hurriyat which creates problems for Indian army.

The Indian army chief went on to describe the loss of lives of forces in Kashmir due to affiliation of people with Pakistan and Hurriyat. “Indian forces will not excuse those who hoist Pakistan flag”, he warned.

After this recent statement, it appears that further damage and atrocities will be subjected to the innocent people of Indian held Kashmir.

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