Toyota Prius 2016 Is The Most Fuel Efficient Hybrid Car Ever Built


When Pakistanis think about cars, the long CNG & Petrol lanes remind them of the agony brought by the prospect of owning a car. Although during the last few years, Pakistani roads have witnessed new hybrid cars cruising along and making passers by think about them (for a moment at least!).

One of the successful hybrids in Pakistan is the Toyota Prius. And as it turns out, even the rest of the world believes that the Prius 2016 model is the most fuel-efficient hybrid car in the world.


The Economical family car

The Prius is an elegant five-seat automotive, one of those vehicles that serve the idea of fuel economy & elegance. Surveying the market of hybrids, the Prius is certainly a good choice having the traits of a family vehicle along with appreciable fuel efficiency.

It was the first hybrid to enter mass production. After its international launch in 2000, it has quickly made its place in the global market as the most cost-effective hybrid in its category.

What makes the Prius “A Stand Out Hybrid”

The 2016 Prius model achieves a mileage never achieved by any hybrid before according to consumer reports tests. Undoubtedly it is the most efficient mass-produced vehicle among non-electric cars.

If we look at some of the other superstar hybrids, Tesla’s Roadster achieved the equivalent of 119 miles per gallon (MPG) back in 2011. But unlike an electric car, the Prius doesn’t need lengthy plug-in times to recharge its battery.

Whereas while Audi’s A3 hybrid gets 80 MPG in the right conditions, the Prius gets 52 MPG in almost all conditions which beats the  previous-generation Prius’ 44 MPG and Honda Insight’s 51 MPG which was achieved back in 2000.

Possible future competitors

Considering the advancements in hybrid technology and new developing ventures, the Prius could face possible competition from other vehicles. Specially the 67 MPG equivalent Toyota Mirai seems to be a good prospect, but until hydrogen fuel cell cars hit the roads, hybrids will rule the roads as the torch bearers of fuel efficiency.

So if you are looking to have a proper family car with the best fuel efficiency, the 2016 Prius is the car to have.

Will it Become Available in Pakistan?

It remains to be seen if the 2016 model of the Prius will make it to Pakistani shores, especially in the light of the new Auto Policy being passed in Pakistan.

However, seeing the import of earlier Prius models in Pakistan, one hopes that in time, this too will be available here.

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