To Whom it May Concern


To those who are the flag bearers of saving and serving humanity across the world.

I am just an ordinary person with an ordinary life. I am not stating my identity, my religion or my cast. I don’t want to categorize myself. I am sharing what I feel should be felt by those who are in power. Yes, I am pointing at the leaders who are observing everything behind the curtains.

But yet they do nothing while they watch hundreds of innocent people dying in front of them, not today, not yesterday, not last week, but for decades they have been under suppression which is unbearable for them. I am talking about the piece of land etched in all of our memories as an unshakable reality of Pakistan’s existence as it completes us.

I am talking about a land whose beauty is unmatchable. Kashmir.

Well, someone should send Roses to those who are watching behind the curtains the so-called “United Nations” and those who are controlling this puppet (UN) the super powers of the World?

At least shed some of the petals on the funerals of hundreds?

Unfortunately, the blood of Kashmiris is quite inexpensive, that’s why it is being shed in the streets for decades.

We don’t need to stop that circle; you and your loved ones never felt the excruciating pain in the eyes when hit by lead pellets. You had never felt the pain of losing your honor, your respect, your home and you’re loved ones you never felt that pain as is experienced by the Kashmiris every day.

Our women, our children, our brothers, our sisters, our old aged people, all of them who have spilled their blood for that one glory, for that one morning we want to wake up with freedom.

Watching the road waiting and expecting that one day you may come.


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