Three policemen shot dead in Srinagar


SRINAGAR: Suspected militants on Monday gunned down three Indian police officers in separate attacks in Srinagar.

Deadly attacks on security forces are relatively common in the region, but Srinagar has been largely free from such incidents in recent years.

Police said two officers were shot dead while patrolling in the old part of the city. A third was shot dead in a business district less than an hour later.

“Three cops were killed in two different militant attacks,” senior officer Ghulam Hassan Bhat told AFP in Srinagar.

The militant group Hizbul Mujahideen claimed the attacks, but there was no official confirmation it was responsible.

Authorities said they were tightening security in already heavily militarised Srinagar in the wake of the attacks.

The last major assault on security forces in Srinagar was in June 2013, when suspected militants attacked an army convoy and killed eight soldiers the day before a visit by then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Last year the city saw a series of grenade attacks on telecom company offices and paramilitary troop installations.

Several militant groups have since 1989 been fighting police or troops deployed in the Indian sector, calling for its independence or merger with Pakistan.

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  1. Abhishekh Kumar

    Just do not wonder over the Indian conspiracies because there are many many more to be seen by the subjugated people of Jammu and Kashmir under the illegal occupation of India. Local policemen do not know that Indian agencies have got a very long list of policemen to be killed in covert and overt operations not only by the India sponsored militant organizations but also by the secret agents of India! Likewise there is a long hit list of innocent Kashmiris who shall be killed by different means by the secret agencies of India besides the India sponsored militant organizations because India can do any illegal act to cover up her crimes against the humanity by killing her own security personnel only to blame that upon those who have not committed them.
    Look here at the innocent Kashmiri policemen who have been purposely killed by the Indian agents only to divert the attention of the people of Kashmir from the attempt of rape by Indian agent upon one of over a dozen fiancées of Moulana Roomee namely Miss Kausar! Ordinary Kashmiri people do not know the fact because the local police never took any cognizance of any crime against the said Kashmiri woman in accordance with the secret orders of the Prime Minister of India the great Modi. India is very good at using crimes against Kashmiri woman including exploitation and blackmail to meet her political ends including humiliation and the subjugation of Kashmiri nation but Pakistan has failed to help Kashmiri people at all fronts. Later has got a reason because India always succeeds in her conspiracies against Pakistan latest being the Pathankot attack.
    As per the latest secret orders of Mr. Modi the Indian agents active in Kashmir after having succeeded in raping the said Kashmiri woman shall get her fiancee attacked and arrested on fake charges soon!

  2. Abhishekh Kumar

    FfffffWell! I see no ripples no response on my comments.That is because you Pakistanis are less intelligent than the Hindus even lesser than the hindu terrorists active throughout India who are going to unleash a reign of terror in Jammu and Kashmir that is why a Hindu minister warned the Gujjar muslims of Jammu and reminded them the massacre of 1947.The point I want to convey is that yesterday an e-document of Microsoft office word consisting of few pages was sent through which was addressed on the document to the US Secretary of State Mr. Kerry who read it very keenly even though he had received the same information in coded form from Mr.Modi the most tech-worthy Prime Minister of India!That was only to show the world the peak of arrogance whether the document was received so called technically in the legal jargon. Only because India needs excuses to deny the facts mentioned in the said document.It is pertinent to mention here the all the countries of the world detected the said document and discussed the samefffffF
    Ffffffeven the big Indian agents were given the copies of the said document which include Ajaz Yaseen,Javeed Iqbal,Tasavur Jalali where ever later may be as confirmed by the local police authoritiesfffffF
    FfffffThat way India got the right to deny the facts mentioned especially the fact that India is thoroughly involved in Nuclear weapons Proliferation fffffF
    FfffffGood day for you foolsfffffF

  3. Abhishekh Kumar

    FfffffSome innocent fool shall be attributed to have made the above additional comment!You shall see it!That is where the power of India liesfffffF

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