Three ‘militants’ shot dead in India-occupied Kashmir


SRINAGAR: Three thought assailants were killed in India-held Kashmir on Thursday, in the fourth such occurrence along the Line of Control in five days.

The ‘aggressors’ were killed close to an Indian armed force post after they purportedly went too far of Control in Uri area, police said on Twitter.

The most recent episode came four days after Indian fighters terminated on and caught a thought assailant in Rajouri area.

A representative said the harmed ‘assailant’ was being treated at an Indian armed force office later “fighters gave blood to assist with saving his life”.

On Monday, two thought assailants were killed in a minefield in Akhnoor, while a third individual figured out how to escape.

One more gathering of “three to four” men escaped that very day in similar region when “troopers faced them”, the representative added.

Two thought aggressors raged a military camp in Rajouri recently and killed five Indian warriors prior to being shot dead.

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