Thousands locked down as La Palma destroys cement factory


LA PALMA: Up to 3,000 inhabitants of the Spanish island of La Palma on Monday were requested to remain inside after magma from a well of lava annihilated concrete works, raising new feelings of trepidation of poisonous gases.

La Cumbre Vieja fountain of liquid magma started ejecting on Sept 19, compelling 6,000 individuals from their homes as the magma burned its way across 600 hectares (1,400 sections of land) of land.

Miguel Angel Morcuende, top of the cell taking care of the emergency, told writers Monday that a piece of the concrete production line had disintegrated.

“Subsequently, and until we can dissect if the air quality takes into consideration typical life, we have chosen to secure,” he added.

The request worries somewhere in the range of 2,500 and 3,000 individuals living close to the concrete chips away at the west of the island in the Canaries archipelago, he said.

On Saturday, a piece of the fountain of liquid magma’s cone imploded, sending new waterways of magma pouring down the slants towards a modern zone.

Trips to the island continued on Saturday following two days on hold in light of the debris impacted from the fountain of liquid magma.

Notwithstanding the harm from the ejection — more than 1,200 structures have been annihilated, say nearby authorities — no has so far been killed or harmed in the debacle. This is the third volcanic ejection on La Palma Island, home to 85,000 individuals, in a century, albeit the last one traces all the way back to 1971.

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