Thermo-Sensitive Sweaters Change Color In Cold Weather


Stone Island designed a limited collection of sweaters designed to change colors based on the temperature


Stone Island, an Italian men’s apparel brand, designed a limited collection called ‘Ice’ sweaters, where the outer knitting changes color as it gets exposed to cooler temperatures. The inner layer of the sweater was made from wool to keep the wearer warm, while the outer layer was designed with thermo-sensitive yarn, which gives the Ice sweaters the capacity to transition between colors as the temperature drop and rises.

One of the three sweaters in the collection starts out in a rich yellow color before gradually shifting to a deeper orange. These sweaters do not completely change color, instead looking more like a gradient and never quite a uniform hue. They come in three different colors: yellow to orange, emerald to military green and ivory to anthracite.

The Ice collection sweaters were only made available for three days this month, beginning on September 11.












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