The world’s largest picture wall in Lahore is being repainted and conserved


When it comes to tourism, Pakistan has a ton of potential. We have the best mountains, tons of forests, and cultural landmarks in the country, enough to pique the interest of the most hardcore tourists.

Unfortunately, very little has been done to conserve historical landmarks in the country. The landmarks need timely repair in order to stay in shape and look good.

To remedy this problem, the Walled City Of Lahore Authority is taking necessary steps to conserve historical sites in Lahore. Their efforts have breathed new life in old Lahore which has attracted a lot of tourists in the past.

WCLA is now working to conserve the world’s largest picture wall situated in Lahore Fort. The efforts are growing strong with artists repainting the paintings on the wall, making sure they appear vibrant and colorful, just as they were intended to be. Have a look at the efforts so far.

The restoration of the wall is definitely breathing new life into the historical site. We can’t wait to see how it will look after the conservation process is complete.

The Illumination of the Picture Wall

This isn’t the first time efforts to boost the beauty of the picture wall were taken. Last year, the WCLA illuminated the wall so that tourists can see it in all of its glory during the night, giving night tourism a boost.

The Picture Wall of Lahore Fort

The Picture Wall of Lahore Fort is the largest picture wall of the world measuring nearly 450 meters in length and stands tall at 17 meters high.

For a very long time, this wall has been neglected in terms of tourism and conversation. A lot of people visiting the Fort had no idea such a marvel had existed in it. The authorities are now trying their best to spread awareness of the wall. For this, they also plan to launch regular and dedicated night tours of the picture wall to share its historical value with visitors and tourists.


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