The US urges that Pakistan look into election violations.


Washington: On Monday, the United States said that Pakistan ought to conduct an impartial inquiry using its legal system into the allegations of anomalies in the election.

In response to a query regarding the call for an independent investigation, US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said, “I don’t know what body are they seeking to set up the inquiry would be.” “At this point, it’s an issue of first course; the Pakistani legal system being played out is the acceptable initial step to undertake, and we think that’s the first action that should be taken,” he continued.

Miller stated that although some US politicians were pressing the Biden administration refuse to acknowledge the results of the elections on February 8 until the proposed review is finished, the US was open to consider other possibilities.

Miller stated, “We are ready to look into any more initiatives that need to be entertained.” “We certainly hope that everywhere in the world, the right to assemble is respected.”

Miller praised Pakistani poll workers, civic society, media, and election analysts for their efforts to preserve democratic and electoral processes in addition to praising the country’s citizens for taking part in the polls.

“We not only voiced concerns openly we additionally voiced those concerns secretly and united the EU, the UK, and other nations to accomplish so with some anomalies that we noticed in the process,” he said in response to a question concerning the US response to claims of rigging.

According to him, Pakistan’s government was informed by the US that it must honour the outcome of the election. Miller emphasized Washington’s dedication to democracy and freedom, saying, “We highlight that we desire to witness the rule of law, regard for the constitution, a free media, and vibrant grassroots movements honored in the run of the voting, and we tend to maintain that this is the case.”

The US official also admitted that election-related internet and cellular connectivity limitations had a detrimental effect on the voting process. “We denounce acts of violence related to politics and elections, as well as limitations on internet and mobile phone service; these have a detrimental effect on the electoral process,” he declared. The US source continued, “We want to ensure that Pakistan’s legal system thoroughly investigates the claims of fraud and interference that we have noticed raised.”
He noted that “in the days ahead,” the US “continues to monitor the process.”



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