The Shackled Common Pakistani – The Reality of it!


It appears that we are going through a season of fetters hanging everywhere and come in all sizes and kinds. And behind each, one can see the ominous visage of orchestrators waiting for their opportunity to pounce and deprive us of the freedom to speak up and express our opinions, converting society into a strewn-about mass of dead flesh that has already started to emit an awful odour. Is this what society is thought to be changing into? Is this the stage of the master plan’s execution where it will be regulated down a predetermined course, eliminating all of its personality, vitality, and creativity?

There have been martial laws and these so-called “democratic” lulls that the despots created. After being allowed to operate for a while, they were gradually overthrown, and a new military authority was implemented. However, this time, what one sees seems to have a sense of permanency about it since coups d’état have served their purpose and are no longer seen favourably by those who profess to be the defenders of democratic principles and regimes.

Since there is no restriction on the use of abuse and torture, the country’s human rights position has never been good. In reality, these strategies are a crucial part of the inquiry process, which is used in its harshest and most draconian form. The accused are coerced into confessing under the threat of execution while having every part of their bodies brutally mauled and abused. The police would always use these techniques to complete and submit the case, along with the necessary confession(s) by the accused for the judgement to be rendered by the courts of law, even if such confessions have no legal relevance. It’s also possible that such a confession would be necessary to finish the country’s current cycle of transition.

Pakistan appears to be falling deeper and faster towards fascism than ever before. These scourges’ harsh and savage expressions are openly practised. A cabal of convicted felons, criminals, and fugitives known as the criminal administrators are attacking Imran Khan and the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). They realise they cannot manage his rising popularity, and therefore they and their agents are working to have him removed from the political scene. It is intended to file all kinds of made-up crimes against him to bar him from running in the elections. This would coincide with Nawaz Sharif, a long-absent criminal, showing up to head the election campaign, presumably to install a puppet government that would carry out orders from the shadowy figures that prowl the night and have a severe phobia of being seen.

This method has been used for a very long time to rule the nation without having to take it over. However, it has a flaw that makes it dysfunctional: those who are officially in charge of running the country have no formal authority, and those who have assumed unchecked power have no constitutional standing. As a result, there is a conflict between almost legal nonentities, and neither party is in a position to lead the nation or accept responsibility for the disaster that has been created. Thus, the nation continues to go down as it sinks farther into the malfunctioning hole, which ostensibly has no brakes to halt it.

Khan cannot be made to give in by using threats of legal action or other forms of pressure. The masterminds behind this plan must have estimated how completely irrelevant it is to the goal of getting Khan out of the way. Not only is it not going as expected, but he has also made a comeback with few precedents in international politics. Since he was severely wronged by a US-instigated and locally carried out regime change operation, he enjoys enormous popularity that is growing by the day. He also enjoys high moral standing. After enduring this trial by fire, he has come out stronger and more resolute than ever before, with unshakeable faith in the sincerity of his cause. Nothing is likely to stop him from pursuing his list of goals, which he wants to put into action for the good of the nation and its citizens. But because of their degree of annoyance, the crooks who run the government and their supporters are likely to make more mistakes, making the recovery procedure even more difficult.

When there is none, there won’t be a case. When the approach is fearless, there won’t be any fear. The surge of people, which is growing stronger over time, and the clarity and fervour with which it is communicating its message, may prove challenging for the puppet government and its masters, who hold the strings. The sphere of Khan’s support is growing with each passing day. The Independence-eve demonstration in Lahore is a tangible example of the challenges facing the criminal cabal. Violence is not the appropriate method to control this throng. This group of people cannot be frightened off by fear. This is not the type of group that will alter its mind about who is responsible for the nation’s looting and destruction. This is not the type of audience that will stand by and do nothing if Khan is restrained by any unlawful or unconstitutional means. It will start a fire. Violence is inevitable. Anarchy will reign.

The puppet government is experimenting with these risks. In this nation, they are without anything. The majority of their family members have already left the country, where all of their fraudulently acquired riches are hidden. They will board their separate flights out after using the authority of their positions to have allegations of corruption against them dismissed, leaving the nation in ruins.

This project not only cost the nation a great deal of money but also brought its organisers and orchestrators embarrassment and humiliation. Fetters won’t function. The surge will not be stopped by shackles. Fear cannot halt the progress of revolution. The appeal is for freedom. The only way to move forward is to call off the disastrous experiment and announce the election dates before more harm is done.

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