The Murder of Justice Continues..


Irfan Ahmad

“My son died on the spot. His brain matter was out!” says the father of Irfan Ahmad – a teenage boy who was shot dead by the Indian army last night.

Irfan’s only crime was that he went out to watch over his cowshed. The Indian soldiers hit him with a baton first, and then fired two bullets; one bullet at his head and the other one at his right arm. He died on the spot.

These army men came in a vehicle whose registration number was different as compared to the registration number of normal army vehicles. After brutally killing the boy, these army men shouted and used abusive words, and warned the local residents not to come out of their homes.

Despite their warnings, protests started taking place early morning, the next day. The news of his death lead to massive protests all over the town, and the army got another chance to fire at the protestors – and then another youth got killed.

And this time it was Tariq Ahmed Leharwal – a 19 year old who was a 12th class student, and to feed his family, he used to work at a transport company in Srinagar. Tariq was a resident of Kondabal, Mansbal, he had gone to visit his friend who resided in Markundal. When people started protesting against the killing of the youth, the army personnel targeted him and fired upon him. He succumbed to his injuries on his way to the hospital.

“I only know one thing; that Tariq is no more. He was killed by the Indian Army and I am finished,” says the father of Tariq, for whose family Tariq was the sole bread earner. “We are shattered and most probably we would come on the streets to seek alms,” he said.

More than any other phenomenon, these deliberate killings reveal the magnitude of the human rights crisis in Kashmir. The laws like AFSPA and PSA are a license in the hands of the Indian Security Forces, to kill the helpless and innocent Kashmiris in custody as well as on open roads and streets. Since no member of the security forces – including the police – can be prosecuted, or alleged to have committed human rights violations, therefore, they are free to do anything with the life of any Kashmiri under the cover of these laws.

The occupation authorities will continue their attempts to mislead the world opinion about India’s grave violations, which amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity, in the occupied state of Jammu & Kashmir.

And this story continues… The spree of killing continues… The murder of justice continues… The rule of treachery and blatant lies continues…

Give a single reason to a Kashmiri not to yell and scream out of rage today. Give a reason to any sane soul not to lose their senses. Why were these kids killed? The Indian Army has already started the next bloodbath, and is gearing up for what they are better known for. Because ‘India’ and ‘Injustice’ are synonyms!

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    • promises promises…. how about this. Grow a pair, come to the border. I’ll personally be there to smack the sh*t out of you and send you back to your cave.

      Paki homo keyboard warrior !!

  1. So…. the “Army” men were not wearing uniform, they drove in non-Army cars – and all of a sudden, these criminals are labelled Indian Army soldiers?

    What next? Blame the Army when it rains? OR if there is a pothole?

  2. the bhaRATi filth will soon be washed away like the recent monsoons cleared the filthy yatries from jhakarkaund (or what ever stupid bhindian name it was ).we will rename all the places according to our desires,soon InshAllah!

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