The Maiden Voyage


If you could give anyone a piece of advice, it should be sane at least. Mr. Rex Tillerson the State Secretary of the US, has reached Pakistan, and will subsequently visit its rival India for a photo finish. The purpose of his maiden call is palpable; the same old self-seeking issue of ‘Do More’ would be repeated with a stance somewhere else. The core issue under debate would be Afghanistan and terrorism, which will finally bear no fruit.

The cantankerous attitude of the Afghan authorities is becoming insupportable, depending on Pakistan to elucidate their grievous issues. However, before the visit to Pakistan, Mr. Tillerson met Mr. Ghani, the Afghan president in a surprise visit to Kabul, on Monday 23, where he assured the moderate Taliban for his support to bring peace and stability in the region. During his visit, he met other government officials as well. Mr. Ghani reiterated his full support for the new US strategy.

In August, Mr. Donald Trump revealed his Afghanistan and South Asia policy, in which, he perforated Pakistan for providing safe havens to “proxies of commotion” that kill Americans in Afghanistan and also cautioned Islamabad that Pakistan has “a lot to lose” for providing shelter to the extremists

It’s a bitter pill to swallow; nevertheless, it should be made clear to the United States, that Pakistan is the only nation that has been severely affected by the frequent terrorist attacks by the cluster of extremists, who have prearranged safe havens on the soils of Afghanistan.

Moreover, the penetration of the militants inside Pakistani borders is mainly through the Afghan and Indian channels. The source of their embedded funding is also quite notorious, yet, can be well implicit for those who have an eye.

The networks of terrorist equipped with highly sophisticated weapons are not betrothed in any nine to five chores, and the source of their aids remains anonymous, at least, for the common herd.

The people of Pakistan haven’t forgotten, nor will they ever forget the most heartrending and brutal incident of Peshawar (Army School) blast, where 132 children lost their precious lives. Pakistan itself since long has been a target of the extremist groups and has been fighting to terminate their lethal activities.

Maintaining robust, diplomatic relations with different countries is the key to economic growth, and peace to all, but a headstrong attitude triggers the only provocation.

Mr. Tillerson’s visit to Pakistan is under high speculations, however, it has been well established that, on this episode, Pakistan will not be a party to sacrifice its sovereignty and much neglected previous efforts in combating terrorism.

Pakistan is the only country to command Islamic Military Alliance, the remarkably poised armed forces of Pakistan and the excellence of its intelligence acumen are beyond dispute. Nevertheless, on the contrary, Pakistan cannot play a ubiquitous role and guard the security matters of so many other nations and be liable for the peace and security matters of the entire South-Asia.

At the time of 9/11’s tragic attack, Pakistan was the only country that extended its chockfull support to the US, who subsequently merged with its NATO allies for air strikes and ground attacks in Afghanistan, a country already in ruins. There was no other nation who proposed its support, or aid in any manner, not even India the much-pampered comrade of the US, who finally showed their backs.

The United States in any way must not undermine the dimensions of Pakistan’s strength, in guarding its legitimate national interests and, currently, the prime contemplation of Pakistan is sternly focused on the privileged CPEC. The Americans are going crazy over the OBOR, and is China’s belt & road a distraction to the US? No, it is certainly not, as China is doing reverse engineering on the western blue print.

Pakistan is entirely focused on its own development, and growth undertakings, instead of paying attention and exerting its resources on the unending complex issues of Afghanistan, and its rival, however, harmonizing security and peace matters with the neighboring countries are of much significance and cannot be disregarded entirely for which Pakistan is most committed and alert.

Gwadar will serve both a channel and an endpoint for new investments, making Pakistan a regional nucleus. The nation is well prepared to take up all sorts of challenges and to brush off all sorts of obstacles, which will come in its way to prosperity.

Pakistan is about to rise with a glorious future.

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