The LoC Debacle Coming to an End, Exposing India’s Evil Intentions and Lies


Why did India hastily give out statements about Pakistan?

Why are the Indian opposition and Indian media involved in hysteria of Pakphobia?

Why did Antony revise his statements, confusing all the diplomatic and rational circles around the globe and in the region?

Why is Kashmir suffering and Pakistan facing a wave of terror during this fiasco of LoC?

Why is the Indian Army Chief outraged at his Commanding Officers of J&K?

What actually happened at the Sarlah post of Poonch Brigade?


Everything in war is very simple, but the simplest thing is difficult. –Carl von Clausewitz

May 28, 2013: Dismayed by the heated response during a night time argument with a fellow army personnel of 33 Rashtriya Rifles, Ritender Kumar did not think twice before pumping seven bullets in Mukesh Tiwari’s body, causing his on the spot death. This happened at the Baramulla district of Kashmir.

To start with, this event has a purpose, which we will discuss later on in this piece.

However, the focus of our report is on the recent case of the LoC, where five soldiers of the Indian army were killed, after which the Indian media and the opposition forces remonstrated and showed their hatred towards Pakistan within a few hours of the incident. Later, the government of India also joined the same bandwagon of Pakphobia. What little surfaced afterwards is somewhat a different story.


The Indian parliament issued a statement where they alleged this incident as the handiwork of Pakistan’s “specialist troops”. Before this event, on the 27th of July, it was reported that Indian troops crossed the LoC near Neelam Valley and kidnapped 4 Kashmiris. There was no strong statement given by Pakistan at that time, upon which a few from Pakistan accused the government of having a weak foreign policy towards India and having a soft tone even over the violations of the Indian troops. But to some it was a mature approach, as there were not sufficient evidence to prove the incident, which opinion, to us, seems more appropriate in such a scenario.

However, after the event of the 6th of August, where five Indian troops were killed, the Indian opposition, Media and even the government came up with an adolescent approach and attitude. The opposition parties at first reacted and cornered the Congress led government in parliament, it as inept.

Response and Reaction

The parliamentarians lambasted the government response, insisting that the Government needs to follow a strict ‘no dialogue’ policy with Pakistan. “Dastardly ambush“, says Narendra Modi of BJP over Indian soldiers’ killing. “Pak kills Indian soldiers. No talks if even a single bullet is fired.” Meanwhile, the Indian government was in a fixation, whether to call it a direct or a supported attack by Pakistan’s troops. The Indian defence minister, Antony, first termed it as an attack by the Pakistani supported militant organization LeT, who were allegedly wearing the uniform of the Pakistan armed forces, but later, they issued a statement where they termed it as a wing of the armed forces known as Mujahideen 801/802.

But the most irrational and hilarious statements were the ones about the visit of Hafiz Saeed at the LoC, as reported by different Indian media outlets based upon “intel inputs” and statements of Indian officials, where they claimed that the ISI may be trying to push Afghan Taliban into J&K. Afghan Taliban, however, rejected the same categorically and termed it “Illogical”.

Further, to fend off the opposition parties’ uproar, Antony took a U-turn for the second time and issued a fresh statement; thereby once again indicting Pakistan army for the LoC violation. Furthermore, the fiery statements in the parliament – coupled with the media’s fixation on Pakistan army’s supposed role in the Poonch district ambush – resulted in the Pakistan High Commission in Delhi being attacked by the youth wing of Congress party.

Pakistan’s Response

Pakistan strongly rejected its involvement and claimed that the reports of ‘some sections of Indian media’ were ‘baseless and unfounded’; the Foreign Ministry in its press release asserted, “Our military authorities have confirmed that there had been no exchange of fire that could have resulted in such an incident.”

Concerns and the Search for Facts

However, eyebrows were raised in certain quarters of Pakistan upon such a chain of events and misfit statements by the Indian opposition, officials and especially by General Bikram Singh. The credibility of Indian officials’ reports became highly controversial when dissonance was discovered in the statements issued by the Indian Defense Minister, firstly accusing the Pakistan army, changing its course within hours and then again taking a U-turn.

This concern was shown by ex-military officers of Pakistan, where they exhibited their distress about the current chief of Indian forces, Bikram Singh. Upon inquiry, one of the high profile ex-officers of the Pak forces told us, that Bikram Singh is known for his anti-Kashmir stance, labeling him the master of “fake encounters” and “false flags”. The immediate visit of Bikram Singh, after this incident, to the same place and, later on, his having unleashed his anger upon his commanders in J&K for not retaliating with “hard” and “heavy” power on Pakistani posts, were together a ground for suspicions.

What actually happened?

During inquiries, we stumbled upon a source in the Indian military camp who revealed that the portrayal of Indian soldiers’ annihilation, purportedly by the Pakistani army, is baseless. The source, who personally oversaw this complete scenario, stressed that these Indian soldiers killed each other with their service rifles after a heated debate. The source further asserted that the outpost in Poonch–Rajouri strip – where these soldiers were stationed – got incinerated by fire. The post was burned down to the ground due to that fire having spread.

We contacted the Additional Directorate General of Public Information, Indian Ministry of Defense (ADGPI) through social media handles available on Twitter, but until now, no response has been given to us.


An issue which paved the way for Indian Adventurism against Pakistan – yet again

Here we remind the readers about the story from where we started this piece, the story of Ritender Kumar of 33 Rashtriya Rifles. This psychological disorder is discovered by many researchers of this subject within the Indian army itself.

Mariam Shah, a senior research fellow of the NDU and regular contributor at PKKH, who completed her thesis on a very rare subject of psychological disorders among troops around the world, told us that this complete case seems to be the result of “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”, commonly known as PTSD. The recent cases in Afghanistan, where US troop killed Afghan civilians, were later also diagnosed with a similar psychological disorder and behavioral pattern.

The same is validated by the records of Indian soldiers committing suicide or killing each other in such events. This trend of fratricidal violence in the Indian army is being observed since long. Generally brushed aside by Indian officials as stress-oriented events, the soldiers are increasingly committing suicide and turning their guns on each other. A. K. Antony, the Defense Minister of the Government of India, in an In-House briefing highlighted the suicidal deaths of 1,108 soldiers since 2003, with the yearly toll maintaining an average of over 100 soldiers taking the extreme step of taking their own lives.

If seen in the limelight of the fratricidal violence that has plagued the Indian soldiers’ ranks, the above-mentioned source-disseminated inside story is not surprising for the observers. We critically appraised the events, which will be presented to push back India’s retort about Pakistan’s involvement in these attacks.

Why and who wants to turn it against Pakistan?

Clausewitz rightly stated that: “War is nothing but a continuation of politics with the admixture of other means”. This again proves to be correct, when one goes on the task of finding out the truth about the unfolded events and tracks.

The visit to Poonch district by the Indian army top boss, General Bikram Singh, on an immediate basis, needs to be strictly scrutinized.

He did not turn up in Kashmir after the killing of two soldiers in January 8 attacks, and resorted to the issuance of a perfunctory statement in which he droned about attacking Pakistan. He was not bothered about Hizbul Mujahideen attack on an army convoy in Hyderpora – Srinagar, in which eight soldiers were killed, but he swiftly embarked to Kashmir dramatizing the killings of these Indian soldiers.

The same General pressed the idea of cornering Pakistan, early this year in January, when another allegation was thrown at the Pakistani troops for decapitating Indian patrolling troops on the LoC, resulting in severe skirmishes, . The recent outrage of Bikram Singh on his commanding officers of J&K, for not retaliating against Pakistan, is icing on the cake, exposing what might be hidden beneath.

The question is, why?

We believe that fears of post-2014 are looming in certain quarters of the Indian establishments and think tanks. Their investments and efforts of 12 years seem to be futile, as Qatar talks are in turmoil, where India were hoping for a relief during the negotiations between Taliban and the US. Further, the ghost of the 1980s, perhaps, is still haunting India, when the USSR exited Afghanistan and India, who jumped in the sinking ship of the USSR, suffered the most afterwards, by the closure of its offices in Afghanistan.

Indian think tanks and policy makers, like ex-Raw Chief Vikram Sood, are pushing the idea, that India should play all its
cards  to ensure its presence in Afghanistan, the backyard of Pakistan. The policy makers of India are linking all these efforts with the Kashmir movement, advising the Indian establishment for using any means necessary to safeguard and pursue its “national interests”.

On the other hand, since January, we are observing a certain pattern of suppression within Kashmir, where first India sent a message to Kashmir by hanging Afzal Guru, and later on, during peaceful protests, killed students.

Provoking incidents, such as Quran desecration in Ramban and upon protests of the people, killing them, in an indiscriminated open fire is also indicates India’s intentions towards its disputed matters. It also fuels the idea of suppressing Kashmiris, because as per Indian think tanks, Kashmiris may take aspirations from the pull out of US and allied forces from the region. Recently arming the Village Defence Committees (VDC), even after the presence of more than 700,000 armed troops within J&K, and then provoking incidents like Kishtwar and Laddakh, can also be taken as an example of impending situation of Kashmir in particular and of region in general. Later on, these events resulted in attacks by minority factions of Jammu and Kashmir on the Muslim majority areas, with the help of armed VDC and on behest of the Indian armed forces.


The General, perhaps, linking the indigenous movement of Kashmir with Pakistan and with the ghost of 1980s, is now orchestrating another false flag against Pakistan, completing the task based on various inputs given to him by Indian policy makers and think tanks. Outraged and fuming Bikram Singh is not at peace, resulting in another skirmish on the 11th of August, an attack on a Pakistani Rangers’ check post by Indian troops at Sialkot Sector injuring two Pakistani troops.

The Indian policy makers and intelligentsia need to learn the lesson, and should dissect themselves from the mentality of Hindutva, which is not only harming its neighbors, but, perhaps, it is also eating the Indians from the inside like a cancer, which is often diagnosed in its last stages. All these moves of cornering Pakistan are considered to be perilous; keeping in view the nuclear status of Pakistan.

Talha Ibrahim - is a certified conflict analyst of United States Institute of Peace.

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  1. “During inquiries, we stumbled upon a source in the Indian military camp”

    How quickly Pakis fall for these old tricks?

    I stumbled across a source in the Pakistani military camp that says Kayani is a raging homosexual. I have also sent twitter comments to the ISPR and haven’t heard anything.

    What does that prove?

  2. Excellent report. More of an eye-opener for the “Pakistan dependant” Indian media, which should finally get “independence” from the cruel “mental slavery” of Pakistan-phobia!

  3. It would be pretty good if they could launch attack on Pak soil, but these hindus don’t guts nor has any concept. I’d just say that only we pushtuns are more than enough for them. woh kya kehte he ” hum to dobay hai sanam tum ko b le dobenge”

    • Really?? Why don’t you launch attack on us??
      Call your 5 foot chinese to help you…

      But I don’t expect you to have the guts porki.. Because your nation itself was formed out of fear of indians.. Being scared is in your bloodline.. That’s why you lost every war you fought against India..

      • Guess you forgot the arsewhooping you received in 1962 by these same 5 foot Chinese. By the way most of the world knows you as the short, dark, ugly, emaciated simians. Keep dreaming we gave you a beating in ’47, ’65 and Kargil.

        • Was that the picture your retarded 12th century minded porki imam gave you about Indians and Kargil??

          A country which was created out of fear of Indians and Hindus will continue to remain scared.. Since chaos is one of the founding pillars of your country, you continue to have bombs going off everywhere even now.. Pakistan was never peacefull and will never remain peacefull and your words are nothing but the expression of that frustration..

          • Bullshit chutiya. Hindu history is rife with genocide and violence. Only civilized period of your history was 1000 years of Muslim. Hinduism is inherently violent starting from disgusting practice of sati to castes, violence upon untouchables, condidered subhuman and even worst violence upon non-hindus. Trains filled with all massacred aboard arrived in Pakistan at partition. Gujarat genocide, attack on the Golden Temple, 20,000 Sikhs massacred in a fornight after Gandhi was sent to hell. Your fomented and trained violence in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. False flag parliament and Mumbai attack admitted by your own gov’t officials. Your army officer Purohit behind the Samjhota express massacre. The biggest genocide is the raping of Kashmiris and massacre of over 100,000 by your cowardly army, 700,000 of whom are still at it. You have at least 37 serious independence movements right now. The fact that you would say Muslims were afraid of hindus, that’s why we separated. Mere fact that you said such a thing confirms that Jinah was right. Hindus left to rule the roost and in a majority brings out their inherent intolerance and cruelty. Christians, Sikhs, Muslims are massacred and raped daily in this land of animist pagan savages. Is it any wonder that India is rape central f the world, when the hindu god rapes 1500 milk maids?

          • No I saw the drama unfold with my own eyes. Your cowardly army ran out of coffins for your dead. After we withdraw because of Ganja’s cowardice, your army fired upon our soldiers, once cease fire had been called. Even today we hold 4 of the most strategic peaks. Look it up boy! Concerning Indians, been there and seen with my own eyes.

      • I guess you must have forgotten 1962 when Indian soldiers set world record in running backwards to save their azzes. The chines not only returned left over ammunition by your deserter soldiers but also repaired and polished them. Shame on you!

  4. This whole drama could also b done by india to save thr humiliation of thr army by chinese army who stopped them from patrolling within thr own area. Recently this incident took place in disputed area of Inia-China. by creating hate against Pakistan, india is diverting its people from the core issue!

  5. well then the final story comes out after all that fuss created as usuall by indian lame and dramatic media..the feared ones are then killing each others good for them as everyone wants the trash and dirt to be removed..

    • Yea!! we removed the trash and put it in our backyard known as pakistan during the partition of 1947.. And the stink hasnt decreased all these years..

      I am still in favour of burning the trash than burying it.. Its lot more fun..

  6. A good write up by Mr. Salman Javed a security Analyst.

    Yet he needs to go in deeper. Go dig up the world mythologies and concocted histories digested by world masses.

    Go dig up the world Zionist movement and Sykes-Pico I and II.

    Then please come up with a new Article with inclusion of what you wrote above.

    Just to help you in the right direction, let me quote you the following;

    “The world Zionist movement should not be neglectful of the dangers of Pakistan to it. And Pakistan now should be its first target, for this ideological State is a threat to our existence. And Pakistan, the whole of it, hates the Jews and loves the Arabs.

    “This lover of the Arabs is more dangerous to us than the Arabs themselves. For that matter, it is most essential for the world Zionism that it should now take immediate steps against Pakistan.

    “Whereas the inhabitants of the Indian peninsula are Hindus whose hearts have been full of hatred towards Muslims, therefore, India is the most important base for us to work therefrom against Pakistan.

    “It is essential that we exploit this base and strike and crush Pakistanis, enemies of Jews and Zionism, by all disguised and secret plans.– David Ben Gurion, the first Israeli Prime Minister.

    India is the most Important Base for Israel against Pakistan.

    I leave the rest to the so called professional journalist and Analyst to write.

    • Some facts for you to ponder

      1. You forget that the architect of Indias missile program is a Muslim.. He was also once the president of my nation..

      2. The Cheif Justice India who retired last month is a Muslim..

      3. Our Vice President is a Muslim and this is his continuos second term..

      4. Most of the leading actors in Bollywood are muslims.. and the whole nation loves them..

      I can write a huge list going on like this depicting the positions Muslims enjoy in India..

      Now can you give examples of Hindus in powerfull positions in pakistan???

      If we hate Muslims, then what makes you think these Muslims will ever represent India??

      Grow up man.. We have more Muslims in India than the whole of pakistan..

      • Oh and how many if those Muslims have tried to bring an end to Hindu terrorism against their muslim population? How many have spoken up for the rights if Muslims? The fact remains that for a Muslims to get power or become famous they have to become a stooge for the Hindu establishment. They have to throw away their muslim identity. It’s funny how the Hindus have given power and fame to a few Muslims to claim it’s not discriminatory. Then u look at their media, their gov, army and intelligence agencies, the conditions of muslims and how they’re treated., u see that india is run by hindu terrorists and so u really have to laugh at their claim.

        Oh and the population of Muslims doesnt affect anything. Why do u morons always bring that up? Do u not have any sense of logic? having a large population doesn’t mean u actually care for them. And considering the conditions of Muslims in india and the fact that Muslims are underrepresented in your society i would say this population card u Indians always bring up, actually works against u.

        • How true, remember SA where under apartheid the minority perpetrated the most heinous crimes against a majority for over a century. Which Israel is currently doing to Palestinians. Hindu propensity for savagery is recorded through out it’s history.

        • @321

          Dont try to pretend that you can speak for the sake of Muslims on both sides of the border.. You know nothing.. It is hard to counter your level of prejudiced mindset.. I can see how bad your media and your schools have infected your mind.. You completely miss the point in my post..

          I will give you a suggestion (if you will only take it). Take a trip to the southern state of India named Kerala.. There the Muslims, Hindus and Christians are pretty much in the same ratio.. Roughly around 30% each.. I would suggest go around the time of ramzan and you will find that even Hindus observe the fast.. Go during christmas and you can see Muslims and Hindus going to church and celebrating the festival.. Go during Diwali and you can see everyone bursting crackers and celebrating.. On top of all this, most of the successfull businessmen in that state are Muslims..

          How happy will a paki be if a Non-Muslim tries to enter a Mosque and offer namas.. hmmm???

          Go outside kashmir and take a poll among Muslims and you will be surprised to know that the vast majority of them would prefer to be in India than any other country..

          • i know nothing? lol ok. meanwhile hindu terrorist acts are being blamed on muslims. muslims are regarded as less than animals. documented acts of terrorism against muslims by the hindu terrorists. yea ok. ur claim of secularism and yet u reek of sectarian violence. if after all this indian muslims still would prefer india, as u say(and i highly doubt it; sorry but one state isn’t good enough) then they have been brainwashed beyond measure.

        • See any indian news channel and they would be supporting muslims, even if muslims were responsible for the incident. This is in part responsible for the rise of the hardline hindus. They see this as hypocracy on the part of the media.

          Hindus don’t give or take power from anyone. Secular hindus and muslims are popular, as long as they support India (For the most part). We have had a sikh prime minister, muslim president. What have u had?

          Muslims have a reservation as a minority. What more do u want? And Indian muslims are a class apart from other nations. Many of my friends are muslims are they are great folks. Please take care of your own ppl, whether hindu, muslim, or christian.

      • Stop loading a verbose! It is you who needs to grow up. How can you forget that ‘The Two Nation Theory” is eternal?
        You dirty Hindus don’t value your minor communities achoots and shooders BUT you try to prove yourself protectors of rights of minorities with few countable with fingers Indian celebrities. It is useless to talk with you bastards because you only understand the language of Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi or Shahabuddin Ghori, their iron fist!

        • If you can counter me with facts.. Then please do so.. Otherwise I suggest you to F off.. You sound too childish to merit a proper reply..

    • @ Jeeth

      Your post is out of context, which can be assumed as in agreement to my content / comment.

      What the cultural Muslims enjoy or, not enjoy in India, is irrelevant. The deeds of India speaks louder than words spoken. And the DEEDS are nasty / inhumane and Barbarious. Killing your own folks and blaming Pakistan for Geo / Political gains are absolutely horrendous.

      India has been hurting its neighbors since its inception, specifically Pakistan. Not a day go by, you have some new blame or terrorist act against Pakistan. You even tried to blow up Kahuta. Let me quote you an example from a book, ‘Deception: Pakistan, the US and the Global Weapons Conspiracy’

      After successfully destroying Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981, Israelis planned a similar attack on Pakistan’s nuclear facilities at Kahuta in collusion with India in the 1980s. Using satellite pictures and intelligence information, Israel reportedly built a full-scale mock-up of Kahuta facility in the Negev Desert where pilots of F-16 and F-15 squadrons practiced mock attacks.

      According to ‘The Asian Age’, journalists Adrian Levy and Catherine Scott-Clark stated in their book ‘Deception: Pakistan, the US and the Global Weapons Conspiracy’, that Israeli Air Force was to launch an air attack on Kahuta in mid-1980s from Jamnagar airfield in Gujarat (India). The book claims that “in March 1984, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi signed off (on) the Israeli-led operation bringing India, Pakistan and Israel to within a hair’s breadth of a nuclear conflagration”.

      Another report claims that Israel also planned an air strike directly out of Israel. After midway and midair refueling, Israeli warplanes planned to shoot down a commercial airline’s flight over Indian Ocean that flew into Islamabad early morning, fly in a tight formation to appear as one large aircraft on radar screens preventing detection, use the drowned airliner’s call sign to enter Islamabad’s air space, knock out Kahuta and fly out to Jammu to refuel and exit.

      According to reliable reports in mid-1980s this mission was actually launched one night. But the Israelis were in for a big surprise. They discovered that Pakistan Air Force had already sounded an alert and had taken to the skies in anticipation of this attack. The mission had to be hurriedly aborted.

      Thus no matter what you spout from mouth, your deeds will be taken into account. And your deeds are very UGLY.

  7. The comedy continues…do you actually believe that the Indian soldiers killed themselves and set fire to their own base?…just to “destabilize” Pakistan?….amazing lack of intellect here…believing your own conspiracy theories again?…and the really idiotic part is that it may lead to a shooting war that will cost many lives and have no winner at the end…this is a death wish that is being promoted by jihadi warmongers who are so full of hate for your neighbors…no one needs to try to destabilize Pakistan…you are doing that all by yourselves…

    • Try as you may, your disingenuous attempt at obfuscation fools no-one on this blog. So, why don’t save yourself the torment. We know who is destabilizing and how, where and when. Pakistanis have patience, everything will be equalized soon enough.

  8. Assalam Alaykum,

    I hope youa ll had a great Eid and spare your thoughts for the opressed in Kashmir also so we ar enever detracted from the reality of what we face daily by the fiend on the Eastern Front.

    India is jittery?

    China has asserted itself on their borders and will have a clear conenction to Pakistan.

    Afghanistan war is ending, even the Americans have said their is some truth in pakistani claims that indian consulates along the Western front are fermenting trouble for Pakistan and making it difficult for an American face saving exit.

    Despite Indian propaganda and anti Pakistan, anti ISI mantra, The Americans recognise Pakistan to be a pivot to peace and stability in the region and crucial to their long term strategic interests.

    India on the other hand is pivotal to create a balance to the rising strength of The Dragon.

    Kashmir is on fire again and with good cause as Indians have upped their opression and flooded the BJP affiliated saffron terrorists into the region.

    If not today tomorrow the Kashmiris will once again rise up as there is no let up in Indian brutality in Occupied Kashmir under Indian brutality.

    Regardless of what Karzai signs and says, the writing is on the wall in Afghanistan and without Pakistan there will be no stability or way to engage with the real Taliban – The Afghan Taliban.

    Iran is not the Iran of a decade ago and is alot mature in it’s ratinalisation of Pakistan sadly we have an incompetent nincumpoop heading Pakistan who tows the Indian, Saudi and Ameerican line.

    Russia too is waiting anticipating her next move and recognises her success is tied to Pakistan in the Central Asian region and not with India. Agreed this does not mean that Russia, nor Iran, nor USA will severe there relationships with India. On the contrary the world is maturing and recognises that in matters of India and Pakistan the whole world needs to take note as it is everyone’s back yard now and can no longer bee seen through the eyes of bi-lateral discussion.

    Kashmir is central, core to any discussion with India.

    India is jittery as her future/ her rise rests on a subservient Pakistan, a fragmented Afghanistan and an Occupied Kashmir.

    Thankfully the writing on the wall tells a different story and the Mujahids will live to fight for another cause, one that is as dear to them as the liberation of Afghanistan.

    The whole world other than the despotic, rabid Indian media know the Indian Mumbai terror attacks were what they were. A ploy to demonise Pakistan, isolate Pakistan and slowly bleed Pakistan in the traditional Bharati way, a stab to the back, a slit to the throat rather than a fair open fight.

    Sadly, the boy who keps crying wolf is known for what he is, a cheat and a liar and the American/ISAF/NATO interest 2 years ago are not one and the same as today. They just want to leave Afghanistan and extending this war into Pakistan will be the quagmire they can not stomach politically, globally, economically nor socially. Indian assets that tow the Indian lobby in USA have faield them as USA does not agree in dividing Afghanistan along the lines of ethnicity nor does the USA seek to continue killing Pakistanis with drones. Iran no longer seeks to support an Indian agenda to kill Sunni Pashtun by arming and supporting the rag tag butchering Northern Alliance. Russia too seeks to engage the Afghan in their entirety through Pakistan.

    India had this dream based on the positive spin it received for it’s role in Afghanistan to destabilise Pakistan, marketed positively in the USA and West and to prop it as a proxy against China.

    India now has to live up to the marketing, the positive spin and not only this it has to enter a cold war with China if it is to continue winning the favours of the USA.

    Banning the Jamaat in Bangladesh was a foolish move as it paves the way for a very anti Indian, pro Islamist Bangladesh. Bangladeshis are not extrovert people, they disassociate from the Islamic world but what they are, is a patriotic and deeply religious people.

    The AL is increasing the ranks of the Jamaat and here lies a perfect staging ground to evict the Indian hegemony and support the Bangladeshis in what is becoming a Sino-Indian cold war. The same is said for Sri Lanka and given the Muslim genocide in Myanmmar the seeds of discontent are bieng sown.

    India unable to attack China directly seeks to hurt Pakistan and seeks to shift her proxy war with China with Pakistan.

    Another miscalculated move, post 2014 when the Afghan – Pak border is sealed and the inevitable Afghan Taliban scourge Afghanistan for what they deem enemies of their emirate and enemies of Islam. India will not have the capability to atatck into the very heart of Pakistan and the Mujahids rightly so will need to go somewhere?

    Pakistan can not be a staging ground for a China – India Proxy war because an assertive Pakistan can hurt India from where it can never return to her current status.

    I have seen India on the wrong side of History since 1948, never part of the neighbourhood always against the beighbourhood she lives in because her very soul represents a continuation of the Imperial European agenda.

    Testimony to Pakistan, we have faced every danger in every decade and to survive this last decade honurably is testament on Who we are as a nation.

    United and here to stay.

    The next decade will be an interesting one like the Soviets and the Americans, small proxy conflicts will continue and my assessment for a peaceful end to this is for ALL nations surrounding India to unite into an Asian alliance, working for a better Asia, united Asia to discourage India from adopting USA vested interests in the region.

    The next decade is Asia’s decade, China’s decade and India needs to exist as part of Asia and not the blunt tool of American Imperialism in the region.

    We need an assertive foreign policy, an assertive government with no vested interests inside India. This is a decade for Pakistan to be assertive and say NO.

    NO to MFN
    NO to warm relationships without Kashmir
    NO to transportation between the nation
    NO to Indian culture destroying Pakistan
    NO to Indian sponsored emdia channels in Pakistan
    NO to all things Indian which harm the national interest of Pakistan.

    Yes to a FREE KASHMIR, Sir Creek, Siachen.

    India must have NO access to Central Asia if she is to stop Pakistan from accessing SE Asia and the Pacific.

    America has 2 strategies one for Central Asia (Pakistan) and one for SE Asia / Pacific (India).

    America is no one’s friend but herself.

    Pakistan can not function without America and Europe but it can not exist without China.

    Pakistan can exist and function WITHOUT India.

    What you see today is the start of a Sino-Indian cold war where India is using Pakistan as a staging ground for that proxy war.

    Pakistan should not allow this to happen and equally respond to India.

    Once again sadly for Pakistan – shame on a spineless government and to a spineless people who voted in such a spineless government.

    The rest of Pakistan remains strong sadly we are once again plagues with a weak government.

    I prefer martial law in pakistan than corrupt governments like these.

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