The Last of Us


Everyone perished except him; he looked up the sky and closed his eyes, remembering his father’s last words “Do not go gentle into that good night, rage, rage against the dying of the light. He quoted Dylan Thomas while gasping. “We must go” he added, “there is light at the end of this darkness, we must endure this night as beyond these lurking shadows our destiny lies above us, we must reach, we must continue to fight. They may take away our lives, they may take away everything we love but they will never take our freedom so we must rise, we must reach, all of us; any of us, at least one of us; doesn’t matter if he is the last of us”

Journey to freedom was a bloody one; ones who reached were wounded, crushed, dead or almost dead. They recalled the mayhem, they valued the gift of freedom conjure upon them by the blood of a million and exodus of plenty. They lost everything, it seemed a dead end but it was not, it was only the beginning. Some will argue, some might express despair, some might even actually hate, but fact of the matter remains the same, it all began on a mercurial night, advent of a dream, marvel of nature against whom all the earthly gods lined up, journey was not easy paid its dues along the way, suffered many bumps and wounds and now it’s getting set to rise, widen your gaze folks; it’s going to be one heck of a ride.

It all started on a gloomy day. Picture Manto Park Lahore, almost 70 years ago where hundreds of thousands in attendance and millions observing moved to a rhyme apparently sung on the earth but was rather divine in nature. Creation of Pakistan could not be anything but an inevitable waiting to happen. And it did but unfortunately, we swung away from the origin, Lahore resolution or Pakistan Resolution as it was termed by the Congress press of the time was not only the genesis of Pakistan but it provided a guide line for a future social accord between the possible units of the coming nation.

14th August the Independence Day what exactly it signifies? To be honest, we are still trying to figure it out, sadly, for most of us it is just a gazetted holiday celebrated every year as a memoir with the comforts of everyday routine- the security of the familiar and the tranquility of repetition. Start the day late, have brunches after brunches, complete the usual eat, laugh and sleep cycle. In reality, it is more, if we carefully analyze modern aspects of our socio political dynamic under the political backdrop of the early 1900s. The current confusion created by some pseudo liberals by using selective picks from the whole Pakistan movement and the content of the resolution we will come to know statement written in Lahore resolution are not mere simple words those are perspectives which offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth.

There are two sides of the coin. There is joy and cheer, there is awe and agony, the story of Pakitan has all these shades. Since foundation, Pakistan has gone through immense vicissitudes of fate, some of those were sweet and some of those were sour, like a repeated valorous visitation of bygone vexation it still continuous, a trough follows every crust, the country has achieved a lot and it sure lost too. From nonexistent to one of the viable economy and one of the most battle hardened armies of the world, Pakistan has attained substantial ground in economic and military infrastructure development. Despite struggling to mark stamp on the world, due to its significant geographical location and being a gateway to the central Asia Pakistan both flourished and suffered at the same time. Next to a cunning enemy like India Pakistan had to spend a lot on defense, which undermined the social development. However, not all is lost, things are looking up. Settling dust of terrorism and improve security condition is slowly promising to bring prosperity. It is upon us that how we will make maximum out of prevailing situation

It will not be easy, it will not be a walk in the park, and things will get worse before they start to get better. No buddy knows what future has in store for us but we must be prepared, we must endure, there is a lot at stake, there is a vision to follow, a dream of million souls who perished chasing it, we owe it to them, we must go, like them; we must journey through the night, we must withstand as at the end of it our destiny lies above us, we must continue to fight, we must reach, we must rise; we must continue to strive, all of us, till the last of us.

Ahsan Malik is an IT professional with a passionate & candid version of his own on national and international issues relating to Pakistan, he tweets @MohdAhsanMalik and can be reached at

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