The Fascist Nazis of Pakistan


Fascism has taken on numerous shapes throughout history, but they all had one thing in common: they were all equally devastating, not just for the people of the affected nation but also for the rest of the globe. The most vulnerable groups in society were its primary victims and sufferers, and it brought about unimaginable atrocities. With the unwavering support of the government apparatus and its backers, a cabal of prisoners and criminals has now mercilessly enacted a highly deadly type of fascism throughout the nation.

In Pakistan, it has taken the form of power being held by a despicable group of criminals who are themselves required by the law to have committed grave crimes during their prior employment, including asking for assistance from other nations. The fact that they escaped punishment during previous dictatorships and that they were recently elevated to positions of power with the active support of their sponsors suggests a collaboration between the forces of crime and corruption on the one hand and state institution managers on the other. It is not permitted to discuss how this occurred or how it has hampered attempts to liberate Pakistan from the chains of foreign interest servitude while also slowing down national development. The perpetrators of this most recent massacre have little patience for an objective discussion of these crucial matters of national security.

In the process, the nation’s sovereignty and independence were seriously jeopardised, and it has essentially been relegated to the status of a client state that blindly obeys the master’s diktat. Pakistan suffered untold harm as a result of its support for the US throughout the most recent two Afghan wars, including financial loss, human agony, and death. Since the general direction of our policy has essentially stayed unaltered, it appears that we have not learned any lessons from this self-inflicted event. When someone attempted to implement a significant change in the national strategy by prioritising its financial and strategic interests over external factors, he was overthrown by a global conspiracy that was directed by the US and carried out by domestic collaborators from a variety of states institutions. They all worked together to make sure Imran Khan would lose power and that the nation could not be returned to its former submissive and obedient state. It is a tragedy of epic proportions, one whose severity will only grow clearer with time as the nation continues to experience its cruel effects.

Due to two key factors—unwavering Khan’s refusal to submit to the regime’s fascist tactics and the power of social media, which has emerged as a key tool for spreading his message of defiance throughout the nation—this operation has tragically coincided with an unprecedented level of awakening among the people. Despite overwhelming odds, including a threat to his life, he has chosen to battle it out. His level of support has been incredible. One has never seen such a large response anytime a call for protest has been made previously. Wherever the rallies were held, there was practically an ocean of people there.

The criminal cabal and its backers, who are now resorting to the most extreme fascist techniques to obstruct people, have been alarmed by this. The brutal targeting of even defenceless women and children during the Long March is a sign of the corrupted thinking of the criminal governing clique. This brings to mind the daylight slaughter carried out by several members of the current ruling government, including the interior minister, who is a murderer and drug trafficker. By using their extensive network of connections inside the judicial system, they have so far managed to avoid facing the repercussions of this horrible act.

Not just that. Imran Khan made every attempt to move the accountability cases against the perpetrators forward, but they were unsuccessful. Despite being found guilty, Nawaz Sharif was allowed to leave the country on the promise to return in four weeks. This has been the case for over two years. In addition to reaping the benefits of freedom, Maryam Nawaz, another prisoner who obtained release to care for her (at the time) “ailing” father, engages in political activity while dishonestly using her feminist credentials to gain unjustified recognition. Despite having five dates set, the last one being the day he took the oath of office, the incumbent prime minister could not be indicted on several counts of money laundering. When he became Punjab’s chief minister, his son, Hamza Shahbaz, was also facing charges. Since then, he has been ousted from that position as a result of his humiliating loss in the province’s by-elections. All of the other family members have been identified as criminals and fugitives. The ruling family’s criminal underworld is right here. Their coalition allies aren’t much better because the majority of them are also wanted by the law, which they have been evading by taking advantage of one legal loophole or another, with the full backing and cooperation of the sponsors and accomplices of the conspiracies to overthrow the current government.

Despite their fascist methods, they have been unable to dampen Pakistan’s populace’s excitement and fervour for Khan to lead the fight to liberate the nation from the control of its foreign overlords and their corrupt local allies. They are visibly terrified as they realise they have been caught on a precarious wicket without any knowledge of the fierce fight being put up by Khan but also by his steadily growing fan base throughout the nation. This has the power to move mountains.

Criminals and losers are those who turn to fascism and its cruel methods. The epitome of the class is the governing clique. As they are rapidly losing out on one front after another, they are frantic to delay an eventuality that appears to be approaching quickly. They appear to have played their final malicious card by imposing the ECP order; however, this game plan will fail due to its falsity and lies.

The criminal governing clique is quickly sinking into the abyss of ignominy, disgrace, and humiliation as a result of the growing employment of fascist fangs.

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