The Drone-Martyr (Shaheed)


A nation broken subjectively will not be able to resist attacks, whether physical, psychological, economic or political.

The Drone-Martyr (Shaheed)

All of us are familiar with the dull, continuous, low and monotonous humming sound of the mosquito that buzzes around our ears every time the mosquito wants to take a taste of our blood; ‘drone’ is the name of this sound. We remember how angry we get with the thought that this little creature has entered our rooms and is threatening to attack on us; yet, it is just a prick, the itching of which may last for only a few minutes. Imagine if something like that would drone over our houses, constantly humming the tune of death, threatening to take the life of a few each time it strikes, amputating some, leaving some without fathers and some without sons! Imagine how the invincibility of such a thing would have affected the minds of a human colony a few centuries back; it would surely be taken as ‘god’!

And, surely, today is a time when any fairly literate populace understands that the ‘killer drone’ is not a ‘god’, and that infiltration into one’s sovereign land is international terrorism; and today, humanity knows that human-sacrifice to please a ‘god’ is no longer a requirement. But perhaps those with the state-of-the-art Drone technology, the seemingly progressive human community with high rates of literacy, do not think the human race fit for such independent thinking; perhaps they have reverted to the ‘godly’ behavior of the olden times, when like in the Aztecs, a human sacrifice was made every day to aid the sun in rising.

What the Drones accomplish is as yet a question no one has been able to answer decisively. The US does claim the Drones to be a means of eliminating specific targets confirmed to it as terrorists; but the irony is that the one who confirms it as a terrorist is an informant, resident of that locality, probably with stronger ties and loyalties with the ones he lives among; and the one who confirms the death of that terrorist, is the same guy, or the terrorists themselves, no government body or organization from any side is present on the scene of action; how credible does that make this whole process? Or does it make this the nastiest game of horror and terror ever played on a human community in recent times, for whether the terrorist was eliminated or not always remains vague, but the terror present in the air of these people has become an ultimate reality, and the deaths and amputations of the civilians is a countable reality that remains, if one would care to count!

The government of Pakistan has categorically announced Indian involvement in the making and aiding of terror groups in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and these Indians have operated from inside the Afghanistan borders, not from inside India. This fact alone is enough to help one figure out that the Indian have been working under the auspice of the NATO army and the Karzai system, which both control Afghanistan. If the NATO machine does not provide such an umbrella, then why not drone the several Indian bases cum consulates stationed along the Pak/Afghan borders, from where the very blueprints of terror originate? Who can trust such an ally as the US, who would station our worst enemy between them and us, and ask for our unquestioning cooperation?

Or is it worse than that! is this not a bloody double game then, of creating a so-called foe and killing it in a so-called way, terrorizing a whole populace of a nation in the way? Are such the ethical values of nations that call themselves progressive and champions of humanity? Do they deem the lives and human right of these thousands worth the dust beneath one’s shoe? And is it ethical to kill civilians in war; to wage war and kill and maim in millions to extract a single-man-enemy; to come in the name of democracy and impose a small minority over the will and right of the majority?

One must notice another god-trait; a god thinks he is above accountability, he judges and nobody can judge him. A very recent example (Source) is the Security Council resolution drafted by Rawanda, asking the Hague, International Court of Justice to delay the prosecution of two African leaders – Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto, accused of orchestrating mass murder, post elections in 2007-8. The Hague-based tribunal has faced scorching criticism in the region following its pursuit of African leaders in Sudan, Libya, and Kenya. Rwanda, which drafted the Security Council resolution requesting at least a one-year delay in Kenyatta’s trial, has characterized the proceedings of the Hague as a modern form of Western imperialism.

“They have enslaved us, colonized us, beaten us, killed us, discriminated us, exploited us, and now they want to judge us?” Olivier Nduhungirehe, Rwanda’s deputy U.N. ambassador, said on twitter.

“One wonders whether the governments which pushed the resolution did so in a bid to ward off the possibility of their own officials being prosecuted for crimes in the future,” said Richard Dicker, an expert on the court at Human Rights Watch.

In such an international scenario, who is to judge which one of the victims of Drone-kill is a martyr (Shaheed) and which the terrorist? A recent report shows that the US has knowingly used Drones in eight countries – Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Mali, Yemen and Pakistan (Source). In each case there isn’t any mechanism to confirm if the information upon which the strike was conducted was accurate, and who and how many the dead were; nor is there any mechanism to provide rescue or treatment to the injured. All the places that have been droned lack any media presence; and at such dark points, the US likes to play its game of havoc.

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  1. Hey Aneela – how many Consulates do you think India has in Afghanistan?

    And once you’ve finished giving me the answer that AQ and the other muppets have told you – look it up and then compare that number with the number of Consulates Pakistan has.

    In the meanwhile – continue spreading propaganda that CIA/RAW creates the TTP and then uses drones to kill them so that Pakistan remains in chaos. Hilarious beyond belief.

    I should recommend PKKH for Bharat Ratna – damaging Pakistan in a way that India never can.

  2. This new type of warfare was seen in action in 9/11.
    The drones or drone missile that hit the Pentagon – eye witnesses said the propelled projectile was not large enough to be an airliner had it been it would have been clearly visible and not gracefully glided across the lawn of the Pentagon.

    The precision in which supposed amateur pilots manouvered those devil planes into the trade center begs the question.

    There is enough evidence out there to suggest those planes were also controlled from elsewhere and certainly in the case of the projectile attacked the Pentagon or the missile that brought down the fourth plane.

    They then created a foe to then extend the use of these drones in a real battle field and have now a decade later collected enough data and gained the experience in this new kind of warfare.

    The innocent people of the Middle East and Greater Middle East and Africa are as ever the perfect test subjects tot he Imperial powers of the West.

    It is the government of Pakistan which is the greatest criminal and killer of the innocent people, men without sould can not be classed let alone called humans.

    Our government officials do NOT have a soul because they have sold their soul to America for a pittance.

  3. Yesterday another 8 people including children were killed by a TTP suicide bomber…and 11 health workers trying to eradicate polio were kidnapped…these are daily tragedies perpetrated by the TTP/Taliban against Pakistan….but what does the author complain about?…the only thing that is stopping these TTP murders?…such misguided hate that completely ignores the carnage caused by the TTP enemy is either incredibly naive or intentionally misleading…which side is the author on..the side of democratic Pakistan or the side of sharia demanding Taliban?…to call droned terrorists shaheed is an insult to the brave troops who have given up their lives fighting these Taliban murderers who terrorize innocent civilians…shame on the author for encouraging the enemies of Pakistan…

    • Eddied,

      No one calls Mehsud a terrorist.

      How many times has USAF or NATO Air Force or drones assisted Pakistan Army when they had the entire TTP “foreign fighters” hold up between Afghan and Pakistan border.

      What did USA do?

      They removed their forces fromt he Eastern Border?

      When continous calls for air support and drones to kill the entire TTP hordes running in public, America’s response was:

      We are not engaged against the Mehsud terror group TTP and this is a Pakistani internal matter.

      How many TTP fighters have been killed in 12 years or during Obama’s presidency and how many innocent Pakistanis ahve been killed.

      So with all due respect Eddie STFU…

      There aer hawkish elements inside CIA, USA, ISAF and NATO the kind who get great pleasure watching a world’s super power butcher innocent Palestinians and personifying the Palestinians as a sub species whose deaths no longer register on the Western sympathy levels.

      Equally the same ilk are at work in Pakistan.

      They seek Pakistan sucked into a war with our own people, a war that is NOT OUR WAR.

      Is Hakeemullah a shaheed “HELL NO” do I like the fact he is dead – YES, did America do the right thing NO, not for Pakistan. Isntead they have destroyed any chance of a negotiation.

      Why is it that America has the RIGHT to negoriate the legitimate mujahids inside Afghanistan led by Emir Mullah Omar while Pakistan has NO RIGHT to engage in dialogue with a manufactured foreign funded evil twisted terror group of misled miscreants. The TTP is not engaged ina ideological struggle but are twisted, brainwashed and their leaders are bought out by America.

      Fazlullah had Indian fighters fighting alongside him, a suppsoed native of SWAT, I do not think so he and his ilk forced our sisters into illegal marriages with his foreign fighters many of them uncircumcised Idnians who our brave Army killed and paraded their heathen heads to the world’s media.

      They were Indian because their ethnicity was South Asian and not caucasian nor central asian.

      Is it not an irony that Hakeemullah a killer was murdered at the point he had reached out to Afghan Taliban and been asked to negotiate and in his place Fazlullah was chosen.

      Where are the drones bieng fired inside Afghanistan in Nuristan where Fazlullah lives like a chief with the blessing of NATO, ISAF and Afghanistan RAM and Funded through RAM or directly by Indian RAW.

      Is it NOT ironic.. that pakistan is engaged in a [eace talk with Afghan Taliban and the CIA has intensified it’s attacks inside Pakistan.

      Does USA want Pakistan tot alk to Afghan Taliban or NOT?
      Does USA want Pakistan to open up a reconciliation channel with TTP fighters whoa re misunderstood, twisted, amny are our own now but led by foreign agents.

      Why does America and Afghan Army not go into Nuristan to attack the butcher of SWAT, whose men abducted our sisters and had among them uncircumscised heathens and evryone knows has the most money from all the TTP commanders.

      Where does he get his money from holed up in Nursitan.

      So with all due respect eddied STFU..

      • If you had been paying attention to the real facts you would know that 90% of world heroin comes from Afganistan and 50% of that is controlled by Taliban…the Afgan Taliban is making huge profits from selling drugs and that is where the TTP is getting money…your useless rhetoric about CIA/ raw/ Mossad control of TTP is really stupid and you should know that the CIA is droning TTP leaders not supporting them!…also the comments about TTP wanting peace talks is just lies…they have never agreed to talks and they have never begun any talks which they consider a ” waste of time”..:the only thing stopping the TTP are the drones although confused Pakistanis who are actually TTP supporters want to stop drones…the TTP have promised continued killing of Pakistani citizens and yet you do not consider this as Pakistans war?…how can you be so misguided and confused about who your enemy really is that is killing innocent citizens daily?

  4. It is simple America is playing a dirty trick ( no change there then ).

    Projecting herself as a force of peace and good but really seeks Central and West Asia engulfed in war for decades so she can maintain her hegemony and maintain her status.

    Either she wants Pakistan stable and opening up dialogue with Afghan Taliban or she wants a civil war inside Pakistan.

    Wake up Pakistani government and smell the sabaz chai.. America is nobodies friend.

    Playing a waiting game until she vacates Afghanistan will not stop her drone attacks.

    You need to start building missiles to counter drone attacks in a post American Afghanistan otherwise you will continue to carry the bodies of your innocent children.

    Pakistan needs to be strong as I have said damned if you do damned if you do not atleast win the dignity of your people and make a stand against America.

    Seal off the border and take down any non Pakistani breaching the border by land or air.

    The fat punjabi needs to stop bieng a kusra and man up.

  5. You idiotic Pakistanis need to stop listening to the munafikeen amongst you calliong for sectarian vioolence and unite and walk into the priminister house and draf him by his ankles and project your anger on the government and the government alone.

    The army needs to take down a drone like the brave Iranians did and the brave Chinese who took down a US UAV in 2000.

    high time PAF or PA took down a drone as it is illegal and if any politician says otherwise he/shee needs to be dragged onto the steets and beaten with the chappals of Pakistanis.

  6. Am beginning to think that the author herself is an agent of India or CIA or Israeli Mossad… with such an article that is clearly against the best interests of peace in Pakistan!

  7. Let me tell with full confidence that the war in Afghanistan is far from over. Those who think that NATO will leave Afghanistan in 2014 are day dreaming. They dont have any plan to leave Afghanistan any time sooner. When you talk about NATO one only talks about 130K soldiers but no one talks about 200K CIA contractors.

    On the other hand NATO will actively go for alternative supply routs most probably Iran. They will try to mend relations with them.

    I hope there are enough wisdom left in our politicians, bureaucracy and intelligentsia. Otherwise, these moves can be devastating for Pakistan who isalready in tremendous pressure.

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