The Delusional Modi


Zarb-e-Azb crushing the menace of terrorism, situation of law and order getting better in Baluchistan and Karachi, ground is getting ready for CPEC, Pakistan seems to be conquering the odds, and India is definitely not happy with the entire situation, and particularly with our Army Chief General Raheel Shareef.

In an article published in India Today on August 24, 2016, the author states “by invoking Pakistan’s troubled Balochistan province, Modi has signaled to Islamabad that India is willing to take the fight beyond the Line of Control”.  India should tackle the fight first inside the LoC, and then it can think of taking it beyond as well. The author seems oblivious to the fact that, it’s Kashmir who needs a mention not Baluchistan. Witnessing the present situation, it’s Kashmir that deserves a global attention and due coverage. India is definitely not in a mood to invite any foreign delegation to come and assess the turmoil and state of affairs in Kashmir. After the martyrdom of Burhan Wani, situation has worsened in Kashmir and Pakistan is putting efforts on international level through diplomatic fronts.

India has never been on a conciliation mode and her posture has always remained in an offensive defense mode towards Pakistan, which has hiked in recent times. India has been involved in supporting the anti-Pakistan elements ever since. India’s association in funding and fueling the separatist movement in Baluchistan is not something the world is naïve of. Recent crackdowns by Pakistan Army in Baluchistan against the terrorists and separatist elements have proved fruitful. Indian agenda and malicious designs against Pakistan have been exposed and destroyed.

Since the day when Gen Raheel Shareef took over the charge as the Chief of Army Staff, he has conveyed a very strong and unflinching message of ‘noncompliance and no surrender’ to any anti-Pakistan element. In doing so, he broke the backbone of the terrorists everywhere, including FATA and Baluchistan. Remarks about Gen Raheel Shareef show how severely India has been thrashed and her aspirations of a destabilized Pakistan have been brutally crushed by this man, whom Pakistan owes a lot. India particularly seems troubled by Gen Raheel Shreef, as he is not going to get submissive on Indian demands.

India failed miserably by raising the issue of Baluchistan as no one from the world agreed or gave any response after Modi’s statement. It was thought that by raising the issue of Baluchistan, India will malign Pakistan at the global level. But to their dismay, nobody gave attention to what Modi was babbling during his Independence Day speech; rather this act proved that they don’t want to talk about Kashmir. Soon after Modi’s slanderous statements on Baluchistan issue, rallies were held across Baluchistan in support of Pakistan and the Baloch people and leaders unconditionally stood with their country and strongly denounced India’s attitude and remarks. The United States distanced itself from jumping into any controversy over the restive province, after Modi’s irrelevant and pointless statements. So, diplomatically India failed to get any response from anyone in the world in their favor and PM Modi actually slapped his own self when he gave a mention to Baluchistan in his speech.

In recent times, whenever the Kashmir issue is raised, the Baluchistan issue is raised by the Indian leaders. It’s ironic when India tries to equate Baluchistan with Kashmir, as there is nothing in common except the love which exists for Pakistan on both lands and the green flag that flutters in the airs of Baluchistan and Kashmir.

For the last few decades, Kashmir has become a blind spot and the world has lost its sight when it came to the story of Kashmir valley. It’s the high time India needs to come out of her narcissistic self. The self-absorbed attitude of Indian leaders is not going to have any good impact in the recent situation, when Kashmir is burning in literal terms. Kashmir is and will remain the actual concern and Pakistan has highlighted the issue at every international forum including the United Nations, European Union and OIC.

India fails its own constitution in Kashmir and the plight of Kashmiri people is not unknown to the world. The worsening situation in Kashmir for the last two months has proved that Kashmiri people want freedom more than ever, and the present day state in Indian held Kashmir is a verdict of that. Pakistan has already committed to have a plebiscite in Azzad Jammu and Indian Occupied Kashmir, but it’s India who is not responsive. It has been time and again conveyed that Kashmir cause has to be resolved as per the aspirations of the Kashmiri people.

Kashmir has been ignored and given a blind eye for a decade, but now the fate seems to be in favor of the suffering masses of the burning Kashmir valley. International organizations acknowledged the fact that Kashmir is not the internal matter of India; rather it has to be resolved as per the wishes of Kashmiri people. In the wake of the recent incidents in Indian held Kashmir, Turkey supported Pakistan’s position on Jammu and Kashmir.

Over the years, Pakistan has become a battle hardened nation. From conventional to clandestine operations, Pakistan has gained strength at every mark.  Pakistan is more than prepared for any ‘fight beyond the Line of Control’. The question rests, is India too remains ready?

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  1. I have been following disillusioned Indians on the rampage to belittle Pakistan and my Brave brothers of Kashmir.

    It is astonishing at the amount of independent Indian journalism on the Internet tagged to key words like Pakistan and Kashmir.

    Furthermore I am astounded at the sensationalism and damn right inaccuracies if what Kashmiri’s history is and what Kashmiri’s want.

    The very scale of this suggests state funded misinformation.

    India as I have said time and time again is a cowardly nation and akin to the boy who cries wolf.

    Sooner or later yoyr deceit will catch up with you.

    For ordinary Pakistanis I would request to counter Indian lies and misinformation. I would encourage more Pakistanis especially our young to professionally counter these lies but also start your own blogs and Internet based information sites to show the beauty of Pakistan, the truth about Kashmir, reach out to the Kashmiri diaspora in the UK or in speak to Azad Kashmiri’s and set active sires to promote the rights of Kashmiri’s. Similarly I am astounded at the level of deceit and damn right lies reported around Gilgit and Balochistan. As a Azas Kashmiri I call on my Balochi brothers and brothers in Gilgit and Baltistan to one promote your history and beautiful heritage but also spread pro Pakistan information as well as remain active countering the Indian lies and blatantly inaccurate narrative.

    International politics and relations are like a game if cards and Pakistan has the better hand but just does not know how to play it.

    I am Azad Kashmiri living in the UK frequently visiting Pakistan and love it dearly.

    I can see massive change for the better in Pakistan and we are in the right track.

  2. You are one sided and biased bro. India can not let any part of it cede again on the basis of religion. We have suffered tremendous bloodshed in 1947. Secondly Pakistan has time and again admitted that terror support was provided by Pakistan in Kashmir, so have courage to admit that. World has seen through Pakistani doublespeak and despite your loud mouth, Pakistani are calling themselves Indian in USA. You need to be honest about status of Pakistan before causing unrest in Indian Kashmir.
    American from Virginia, USA

  3. Gus,

    firstly I am not your brother.

    secondly I would be ashamed to be called an Indian as an Azad Kashmiri liv8ng in the UK.

    No hard feelings but sorry to burst your bubble. Being Indian does not win you kudos. In the UK Azad Kashmiris are a large diaspora and as far as I know it, we spit on the government of Indian.

    I would find it abhorrent to be called an Indian.

    We are Pakistani and proudly and Azad KashmiriShafi we will defend Pakistan to the very end.

    It is Indian myopic view that feels terror into India emanates in Pakistan and needs to look more towards the Hindu Raj in New Delhi.

    On the contrary Pakistani terror emanates from India.

    The fact at this juncture the USA turn s a Indian eye to Indian terror in Occupied Kashmir referring to Jammu&Kashmir and Kashmir is another thing.

    The relationship between US and India is strategic but not on some basis of shared destiny. This means that it can change and history has shown it constantly changes for the USA unless you are the UK or Israel. Do not confused yourself as I have travelled in the US and live in the UK. The status of the Indian is not flattering. You will forever be brown noses but I don’t wish to burst your bubble. US sees you as a proxy no different to American support for Pakistan during the cold war.

    By the way I have been to Virginia as I did some work with Harvey Davidson and no I did not see many Indians and the few I saw were not highly decorated.

  4. Do not call Mr. Modi delusional because he the greatest ever living legend on earth in this universe till date and the times to come.You know why ?because India succeeded in blocking all the websites on this PC.Only this website opens her.That is why India is great

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