The Defence Day of Pakistan; Ideology and Strategy



Being the only nation-state in the world made on the basis of ‘ideology’ is a unique phenomenon that needs to be understood.

After the two World Wars, when the cabal of the imperialist was on its breaking, was the time when most sections of humanity that had been living under suppression and hegemonic control for centuries, stepped forward to re-define their identities, upon which they aspired to be made into independent states in the near coming future. Before this era, humanity had been largely living under empires and kingdoms, as provinces or vassals; men did not have the privilege to ask for freedom just upon their creed or because their ancestors had been living in a land. But as this new wave of independence swept around the world, extending upon the Westphalian idea of sovereignty, nations sorted out their identity based on the oneness or closeness of their ethnicities, languages, cultures etc.

And as humanity was taking a turn into this new era of awareness the Muslims of the Indian Subcontinent united upon the idea that they want a sovereign state not for a creed, ethnicity, language or culture but for only one thing – ‘Islam’. This is precisely the notion for which they struggled and sacrificed, even when half of them knew that maybe they would never be a part of that wonderful land they are striving for with their resources and lives.

What was gained in love, aspiration and belief upon a wider worldview, was defended by the same zeal of resilience. As the Hindu-majority India suddenly turn from an occupied nation struggling for freedom into an imperialist wanting full control of all land that surrounds it, war upon war was imposed on the land of Pakistan, a land that was the promise of freedom, uprightness and peace for the people of this ideological nation.

War is not always inflicted upon a nation by direct attacks; when India forcibly occupied a province that the people of Pakistan rightfully thought of as their own, then directly or indirectly India planted the tree of permanent discord between its people and ours, as in our sight India would always stands our criminal. And when India has made a theft of a whole province of our country, any act in the struggle to regain that land cannot be amounted to crime; thus the Operation Gibraltar.

Wars should not be ranked by the measure of their success or lose, they must be ranked for the justness of their cause and the courage of a people in standing for the right. In this prospect Pakistan had won this operation, right when it had drew its intention for it, regardless of the consequences. Therefore the righteousness in attempting a daring attempt of somehow trying to rescue and secure Kashmir from the clutches of enslavement and tyranny was a win-win for Pakistan in terms of human virtue.

This very standing of a people, for a righteous cause, is truly the miracle of conscious life, for when men stand for battle, it is their physical endurance, their integrity as individuals, their nerves and their belief that is on the test, and the Pakistani Army has proven itself of being belief-strong. It is this belief that wins battles over stronger looking, more lavishly decorated armies, and the Pakistan Army has proven this belief with their readiness to obey command, their volunteering to step on the path of martyrdom and their willful giving of their blood and soul for every inch of land that has been labeled with the title of ‘la illaha illal lah’.

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  1. Aneela – you could get into trouble for this.

    “thus the Operation Gibraltar”

    Are you admitting that Pakistan started the 1965 war? Ooooh….. you’re on tricky ground…. You are also justifying pro-active military action here.

    Most Pakis believe the fake Paki narrative that India started the 1965 war. You really don’t want to change that !! What will your masters say?

    Next, you’ll finally admit that the Humood Ur Rehman commission existed and blamed Pakis for the rapes and murders of Bengalis, and there where would we be?

    • @ TheBombMan… technically Pakistan did not attack india in 1965, india did. Pakistani commandos entered into the Kashmir occupied by indian forces (because LOC is not international border), in response india crossed the international border line and entered into the Pakistan, which was considered as attack.
      You should know the reality before you speak out about Bangladesh… india again crossed and entered into East-Pakistan. India, after 67 years, has not accepted Pakistan, and will never. Who cares :))) Because u know that current india, Pakistan, bangladesh were ruled by mulsims for 1000 years. You want to see Pakistan and india together as one land, OK no problem … Muslims will make this happen again and you will see all hindustan again as one under one muslim ruler. Cycle will complete and it will happen again.

      • Well well well…. Pakistan unilaterally changed the Status Quo in 1965. There were no problems before that. Remember that.

        And yes, 1971 was a perfect comeback. India successfully did what Pakistan only dreamed about.

        Now, regarding your 1000 years – time for you to stop smoking hashish. That era is over. Your country is a basket case now. So, rather than live in the past, fix your country.

        And for the record – NO – I do NOT wish to see India and Pakistan reunified. I’m glad we kicked you all out in 1947 !!

    • You really need to understand the diff between LOC & International borders. Operation Gibraltar was at LOC but India crossed International borders in 1965. It will be better if u consult your masters before such comments and try to get some lessons from them.

        • Yes because its LOC its OKK to cross. If that’s not the case then what is India doing in Siachin. Kargil War is another example. What about Tibet, Askichin. Even China is doing that rite now and captured area of India in recent days then why don’t you go and attack China. I think its OKK for you also but when pakistan do anything like that then u start jumping like kids and find all the wrongs in it. Grow up …

          • well, atleast now we know that Pakistanis don’t want peace. All they dream about is crossing the LoC and creating war.

            Kargil backfired on you (if you don’t remember) Your army refused to accept your soldiers bodies, and they are all buried like dogs in mass graves. If you still have any shame left, atleast take those back and give them a decent burial.

            Tibet was not a part of India – just an FYI.

  2. Our strategy is sar-e-aam our ideology is bokhoo ke tra mang mang or zada mang…..ghairat hoti to na hotay badnam!!!
    Inshallah we will change or Allah will replace us till we fulfill the mission we were created for la illah ila allah….

  3. Listen bib, you’ve already shown your true colours to all on Syria, where you sided with FSA and Zionist states that were against Syria, Syrian gov, Syrian ppl, Syrian army and Syrian right to live as a free nation. So stop giving your emotional crap Janab Zaid Hamid, Orya Maqbool Jan, Gen Sahib, Ahmed Qurashi, yourself and all Pakistani media stood with those, who have been destroying Syria through their terrorist groups and gangs. No one of you come forward to speak for Syria, all of you sided with Zionisnts and toed Zionist agenda and media lines. Rasool Allah said enough about Shaam/Syria, but you lot sided openly with the Zions. Pkkh I am fully ashmed on all of you so called good Muslims. Zionist workers and slaves how you can ever justify yourselves over Syria’s ruining blood and bones???

  4. We vivisected bhaRAT mata in 47,took half of their ATOOT UNGH (Kashmir) in 48,gave China a foothold in Kashmir which in turn took Tibet away from the ratties and got them a nice little butt whopping in 62,got the Khalistan going,now our “liberated” Bengali friends are taking over west bengal and Assam,also aiding Naxals and not to forget Kashmiris,took care of the Bandits (pundits) so what else is new?

    • India was your own motherland too in 1947. After Kashmir acceded to India, you have not been able to take an inch of Kashmir. Your Operation Gibraltar got a befitting reply in 1965 despite India’s setback in 62 and in 1971 India cut you into two separate pieces. You got tired fighting in Siachen and could not push us an inch back. In 1999 you sufferred another defeat by Indian forces. Now you are a laggard in South Asia with your stagnant economy. Your military is fighting your own people.

      For your info Jammu & Kashmir is basking in peace and glory and democracy. Khalistan is somewhere bedridden in Canada. But your Baluchistan movement is refusing to slow down. We in India dont burn our bloods in hatred for anyone.

  5. i only say salam to ournational hero and fonder of pakistan
    bcz of them vr here
    i m
    hppy that our fighter fight for our right
    “OLD MYTH”OLD GOLDS; OLD HEROES” have never die;they r only sleeping at bottom of our mind;waiting for our call; v hadneed 4 them; they represent the wisdom of our race
    i m very very very very very very very very very very very very very very vey proud of our national heroes
    ( THANKS)

  6. Aneela – Not all Muslims of India demanded an Islamic state. About 1/3rd of muslims chose not to leave their motherland and join Pakistan. Today, there are 18 crore muslims in India. India has never attacked Pakistan over Kashmir. Its Pakistan that entered Kashmir in 1947 and then keeps attacking as in 1965, 1971 and 1999.
    Instead of trying to grab Kashmir by war or terrorism, Pakistan should try to get Bangladesh United with it again. After all both of you were same country and born out of the same ideology. So whats keeping both of you separate?

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