Terrorist Losing Vision



Day by day it is becoming obvious that militants groups in Pakistan are losing their vision. Militant groups like TTP and LeJ operate as umbrella groups which have many factions, each controlled by a war lord. Though these groups do not originate from a single source, but in past years, they have worked under a common cause and have taken lives of over 40,000 Pakistanis and have brought indescribable damage to Pakistan.

As the War on terror is officially declared soon to be over with the 2014 Withdrawal approaching, the future of these militant groups has become uncertain. There is now much ambiguity in their operations and it gets even worse as there is no official hierarchy amongst the group. This has been proven by the recent event of AsmatullahMuawiya’s response to Pakistani government`s peace talks.

The Taliban had offered conditional dialogue to the former government in February however the government had asked them to lay down arms before the talks. The Taliban had rejected the condition.

The TTP withdrew the offer in early June as a protest over the killing of its deputy chief, Wali-ur-RehmanMehsud in a US drone strike in North Waziristan.

The Taliban then also increased attacks on the security forces which killed nearly 400 people since the new government has taken over in June.

Different approach in the Taliban ranks about the talks offer reflects their internal differences which could further weaken them.

Muawiya, who heads the Taliban’s faction of fighters from Punjab province, was previously known to be a principal ally of the TTP, an umbrella org of radical religious militants fighting the Pakistani government.

Muaweya, who heads a TTP offshoot active in Punjab province, had earlier this week welcomed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s offer of peace talks to the extremists. “Militants in Pakistan should respond positively if the government is serious about resolving the conflict,” he said in a statement issued in Wana, the main town of South Waziristan tribal agency. The TTP, meanwhile, has claimed that it is not interested in negotiations and targeted a convoy of military officials in Karachi on Thursday—four days after Sharif made the offer in his first televised address to the nation since he was elected into office.

ShahidullahShahid, spokesman for the HakimullahMehsud-led Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), claimed that the council has removed AsmatullahMuawiya from the leadership of the Punjabi Taliban militants, and that the TTP leadership will later issue their stance on the offer of peace talks.

“The Taleban decision making body met under Commander Hakimullah Mehsud and decided that IsmatullahMuaweea has no relation with the TTP,” Shahidullah Shahid, Taleban spokesman, told AFP.

“He is respectable for us, but he has no relation with the TTP. The decision about the new head of TTP’s Punjab chapter will be taken in next meeting of our decision makers,” he said.

Muawiya responded to The Associated Press that the Taliban shura did not have the capacity to remove him because the Punjabi Taliban is a separate group. He said his group has its own decision-making body to decide leadership and other matters.

Also recently Pakistani Taliban, headed by HakimullahMehsud, Sunday formally announced ShahidullahShahid as new spokesman for the militant network.

ShahidullahShahid, who according to Taliban sources, belongs to Orakzai Agency, replaced an aggressive and outspoken IhsanullahIhsan. The TTP leadership sacked Ihsan over his controversial statement related to the Afghan Taliban which also points out to be lack of vision of the group.

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  1. What makes the author think that these disorganized bands of murderers ever had any Vision?…they are thugs, extortionists, robbers and murderers!…they have never been visionaries…only a twisted mind would think that they were anything but criminals…

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