Temperature forecast to soar to 43°C on May 3 in Karachi


KARACHI: The sweltering heat in the metropolis has no plans to lessen anytime soon. According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department, the mercury in Karachi is expected to soar to 43°C on May 3 (tomorrow).

The maximum temperature is forecast to hover in the 41-43°C range on May 3, Thursday, with humidity levels touching 65-75% in morning and 25-35% in evening, said the Met Office.

On May 4, Friday, the mercury is expected to reach up to 40-42°C (maximum), with humidity levels at 50-60% in the morning and 20-30% in the evening.

Updated as of 9am May 2, 2018/Pakistan Met Department 

Today, the temperature was recorded to be 36-38°C (maximum) and 26.5°C (minimum), with humidity at 70-80% in the morning.

According to the Met, a westerly wave causing rains is expected to enter into Punjab from Thursday. With it, a system of north-westerly winds is also predicted to enter into the country, due to which the ocean breeze will be disrupted, hence resulting in the temperature increase.


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