TeK calls for strategy to counter Islamophobia


Terming Islamophobia a reality, Kashmiri activist Fahim Kayani said the resolution adopted by the UN against it is a welcome step but strategy to counter it “is need of the hour”.

Lauding Prime Minister Imran Khan for his efforts to raise awareness, Kayani, who leads Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK, said “Islamophobia is not rampant only in the western world but it is state-sponsored by India in Indian Illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIoJK).”

He highlighted that PM Imran has led a campaign to inform the world that Islam is a peace-loving religion, adding that adoption of the resolution against islamophobia is result of Premier Imran’s efforts.

“But what is now important is that UN along with the OIC should prepare a strategy to counter Islamophobia; let us make Islamophobic acts punishable under international law,” Kayani suggested.

Slamming the fascist regime in India, Kayani said Islamophobia is state-sponsored in IIoJK. “It is not mere colonisation of IIOJK by India but the structure of administration and the regimes imposed on Kashmiris is Islamophobic.”

The Kashmiri activist maintained that India has occupied the Muslim-majority region by radical Hindu supremacist military. “Almost all the police and civil administrators posted by India in IIOJK are radical Hindu supremacists. Why? Because India is engaged in demographic terrorism in IIIJK and the radical Hindu supremacist officers carry out such illegal changes according to the agenda of Hindu supremacist regime in India,” he said.

The TeK UK leader urged the UN to take cue from Pakistan and the OIC-sponsored resolution to hold India accountable.

“India cannot be given a free passage,” he said. “The resolution against Islamophobia is one more weapon against India’s war crimes in IIOJK. If we use it well, we can free innocent people from India’s fascist designs,” he said.

Referring to Islamophobia in the West and Europe, Kayani hailed the Muslim lawmakers in the UK including Dr Afzal Khan, Imran Hussain, Naz Shah, Yasmin Qureshi, Saeeda Warsi, Muhammad Yasin, Khalid Mahmood, Tahir Ali, Zarah Sultana, Shabana Mahmood, Aspana Begum, Lord Wajid, Lord Qurban and others who played a vital role in highlighting that “Islamophobia is a type of racism.”

“We must not forget the efforts of Warsi when she resigned as a minister on the Palestine issue and took the battle to general public, announcing that Islamophobia has passed the dinner-table test,” Kayani recalled.

He informed the reporters that Dr Afzal took this campaign to the European Parliament and shook the conscience of European lawmakers on the existence of Islamophobia in West and the Europe.

“The passionate speeches of Imran Hussain, Naz Shah, Dr Afzal Khan and Saeeda Warsi on Islamophobia attracted millions of people especially human rights defenders across the world and made Islamophobia a major point of discussion for anti-Racism campaigners,” said Kayani.

Source: Express Tribune

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