Technology is helping Humanity


Technology has played a significant role in our life. Progressing rapidly since many years and helping in many fields like medical, military, communication, business, law, travelling, social life etc. Medical researchers are continuously scrutinizing and testing new ways to help, prevent, diagnose and cure diseases. Moreover, they are working diligently in the manufacturing of new drugs that can lessen the diseases and prevent from further spreading. In this article, you will be understanding how technology is helping the children to improve their social skills, and to learn quickly. In a research by Heather Kerkorian, the University of Wisconsin they said: “Kids who are interacting with the screen get better faster, make fewer mistakes, and learn faster.”

There is a disease in children called “Autism.” According to Wikipedia, Autism is “A mental condition, present from early childhood. It is characterized by great difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts.” In other words, a child is growing up physically with his age but not his brain. Consequently, in the past few years, researchers used varieties of robots for the treatment of autism. The purpose of using robots is that the child with autism feels no hesitation in interacting with a robot; he/she considers it a toy. For the child with autism, communication is necessary to make them able to understand the emotions and thoughts of others. The robots extensively train to explore the response of the autistic child, setting the use of the robot to provoke behaviors’, learning some skills, and providing feedback.

During interaction with an autistic child, the robot produces a posture and child is supposed to mimic that posture of the robot. After a specified time, the robot must mimic the posture of the child. This shows that a robot is able to learn any task with autistic children. This artificial game is used to evaluate the influence of different activities of children while interacting with robots. In addition to this, a child feels safe to interact with a robot and learns many things that he/she can learn from other normal children.

The use of robotics for healthcare is persistently refining day by day and has amazing effects on health. Technology has taken over all aspects of life and is playing a vital role in their better curing and identification of various diseases. Therefore, the use of technology is best for healthcare.

Sayyam Malik is a student of M.Phil in Information Technology. And have much interest in Defense related matters, he tweets @SAYYAM_MALIK and can be reached at

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