Target killings and extortion in Karachi have declined to a great extent: PM Nawaz


“Target killings and extortion in Karachi have declined to a great extent,” he said while addressing rain victims in Peshawar.

Further, the premier stated that the citizens of Karachi have become “happier” ever since the operation started.

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He also added that the country is cooperating with Afghanistan to eliminate terrorism completely from the country.

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PM addresses Temporarily Displaced People in North Wazirstan

Before heading to Peshawar, the premier told Temporarily Displaced People (TDP) that peace has been restored in Waziristan, assuring that schools, colleges and hospitals will be built in the area.

“Peace has been established in Waziristan and conditions in the area have become stable,” the prime minister said at a briefing on Zarb-e-Azb addressing TDPs in Mir Ali, North Waziristan.

An Express News screengrab of PM addressing TDPs.

Accompanied by Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif, the prime minister reviewed the process of return of the displaced persons of North Waziristan.

Appreciating the tireless work of the army and the lives lost during the operation, Nawaz said it is because of their sacrifices that peace is being restored.

He said the tribal people had to leave their homes for a limited period to help the security forces carry out an effective operation against terrorists in the area.

Further, he said that once the TDPs return back home, the government and army together will protect them.


He added that they will be given a cash grant, that will aid them in the reconstruction of their homes in North Waziristan.

Just last month, about 203 IDPs returned to their homes under the watchful eye of law enforcement agencies.

A new phase of repatriation to return IDPs to their homes commenced on March 16 and according to the political administration, at least 1,300 families have so far settled into their homes.

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However, for some of the IDPs, the only thing standing in their way home is signing off on Samaji Mohada NWA 2015, the eight-page ‘social agreement’ that some feel not only questions their loyalty, but effectively further enforces the oppressive Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR).

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According to the social agreement, the natives of the region are required to remain loyal to the country in accordance with the FCR and Constitution of Pakistan, however they will have religious and social freedom without any restrictions over political and economic activity.

For all intents and purposes, signing the eight-page document would make locals responsible for maintaining peace in the tribal agency.




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