Taliban urge US Congress to unblock Afghan assets, lift sanctions


WASHINGTON: Afghan­istan’s Taliban rulers sent an open letter to the US Congress on Wednesday, encouraging American legislators to assist with thawing their country’s resources seized after their August takeover of Kabul.

In the letter, Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi cautioned of a mass evacuee mass migration from Afghanistan except if the United States unblocks the frozen resources and finishes other monetary assents against the country.

Mr Muttaqi composed that the Taliban were making this solicitation to guarantee that “entryways for future relations are opened, resources of Afghanistan’s Central Bank are thawed and endorses on our banks are lifted.”

The Biden organization froze more than $9 billion of resources having a place with the Afghan national bank before long the Taliban caught Kabul on Aug 15 and forced other financial assents on the new system too. America’s Western partners additionally forced comparable authorizations.

The World Bank and International Monetary Fund likewise have suspended about $1.2 billion in help that they should rele­ase for Afghanistan this year.

The assents are important for a US-drove work to convince the aggressors to remember non-Taliban components for the public authority and secure the accomplishments of the most recent twenty years, including schooling for ladies and strict opportunity for minorities.

Washington doesn’t perceive the Taliban as the real government in Afghanistan and last week the Biden organization declared that Qatar would fill in as its political delegate in the country.

Delegate Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo as of late told a US Senate council he saw no circumstance where Washington would permit the Taliban to get to the Afghan national bank holds. “It’s fundamental that we keep up with our approvals against the Taliban and yet track down ways for real helpful help to get to the Afghan public,” he contended.

The Taliban letter, notwithstanding, reminded US legislators that monetary weakness was the greatest test Afghanistan confronted today and “the foundations of this worry lead back to the freezing of resources of our kin by the American government”.

Mr Muttaqi composed that the assents had “played devastation” with exchange and business yet additionally with helpful guide to a great many frantic Afghans.

“We are worried that if the current circumstance wins, the Afghan government and individuals will deal with issues and will turn into a reason for mass relocation in the district and world,” he composed.

“We trust that the individuals from the American Congress will think completely in such manner and the American authorities will see from [the]crystal of equity the issues of our kin emerging from sanctions and unfair sectarian treatment.” He likewise prompted the administrators “not to move toward this compassionate issue in a shallow way.”

Last week, the UN World Food Program cautioned that long periods of contention, and a drawn out dry season, compromise the greater part of the nation’s assessed 40 million individuals with starvation this colder time of year.

The letter likewise guaranteed the US Congress that Kabul’s Taliban rulers mean to do things another way this time. “Reasonable advances have been taken towards acceptable administration, security and straightforwardness,” Mr Muttaqi composed.

“No danger is presented to the area or world from Afghanistan and a pathway has been cleared for positive participation.”

Mr Muttaqi said Afghans “comprehend the worries of the worldwide local area,” yet that it was vital for all sides to find positive ways to assemble trust. Not posting the assents would additionally harm the US notoriety in Afghanistan “and this will fill in as the most noticeably awful memory instilled in Afghans because of America,” he composed.

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