Taliban cannot ‘kill quest to learn’, Malala slams women’s education ban


Malala Yousafzai, a Nobel Peace Prize winner from Pakistan, criticized on Wednesday the decision of the Afghan Taliban-run administration to prohibit female students from tertiary education.

Today, armed guards prevented hundreds of young women from entering Afghan university campuses, one day after the Taliban banned them from higher education in an additional violation of human rights.

The US, Joined Realm, Qatar, Pakistan, and the Association of Islamic Participation (OIC) were among the people who censured the move.

Malala wrote in a tweet: ” The country’s classrooms and university gates may be secured by the Taliban, but women’s minds will never be.”

They are unable to prevent girls from seeking knowledge. They can’t stop people from trying to learn,” the young activist for education said.

The group has increased restrictions on all aspects of women’s lives despite promising a softer rule when they took power last year and ignoring international outrage.

In a brief announcement late on Tuesday, the minister for higher education, Neda Mohammad Nadeem, made the decision to exclude women from universities.

He continued, “You all are informed to immediately implement the mentioned order of suspending female education until further notice.”

Women were not permitted to attend parks, fairs, gyms, or public baths in November.

The global local area has made the right to training for all ladies a staying point in talks over help and acknowledgment of the Taliban system.

Pakistan urged the Afghan authorities to reconsider their suspension decision in a statement.

An official Foreign Office statement stated, “Pakistan is disappointed to learn about the suspension of university and higher education for female students in Afghanistan,” adding that Pakistan’s position on the matter has been “clear and consistent.”

“Every man and woman has the inherent right to education in accordance with the injunctions of Islam,” the FO continued.

Pakistan was disappointed to learn of the suspension of the university and higher education for female students in Afghanistan, according to Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari in a tweet.

“Pakistan’s situation on this issue has been clear and reliable. In accordance with Islam’s directives, we are of the firm belief that every man and woman has the inherent right to education.”

He continued, “We strongly urge the Afghan authorities to reconsider this decision.”

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