Taliban attempt to clean their picture as they push for triumph


But adherence to the deal was apparently ignored when Taliban fighters entered not one, but several provincial capitals in recent weeks, with fighting on the streets and dozens of soldiers and civilians killed and injured. , and untold amounts of property destroyed.

Reports of insurgent fighters taking revenge on the local population have also surfaced, pointing to the Taliban leadership’s limited ability to regulate their assortment of ground commanders – all of the various ethnicities, divergent loyalties, and unclear membership levels. to the group’s command structure.

A Taliban commander who wasn’t authorized to talk to the media told the days that although he wasn’t authorized to attack the town of Kunduz, a northern capital, his forces saw a chance and therefore the entered – a choice that senior executives then approved. Today, after weeks of fighting, Afghan government forces, backed by aerial bombardment and an influx of elite Afghan army commandos, have pushed the Taliban back to parts of the city’s outskirts. But he remains surrounded.

Dozens of civilians and soldiers are killed, hundreds more injured and quite 40,000 are displaced around Kunduz province, consistent with United Nations report from Dominion Day. Some houses were assailed fire by the Taliban, residents said.

“The Taliban burned down my house while my family was within the house,” said Sirajuddin Jamali, a tribal elder. “In 2015, a military base was under siege, and that we provided them with food and water, but now the Taliban are taking revenge,” Mr. Jamali sobbed. “Are they doing an equivalent in any area appropriated by the Taliban?” “

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