Taliban announce interim government; Mohammad Hasan Akhund to be PM, Baradar deputy PM


Taliban announce interim government; Mohammad Hasan Akhund to be PM, Baradar deputy PM while the group’s co-founder Abdul Ghani Baradar are going to be the deputy Afghan leader.

Key figures within the interim govt:
1. Prime Minister – Mohammad Hasan AkhundDeputy Prime Minister – Abdul Ghani Baradar
2. Interior Minister – Sirjauddin Haqqani
3. Foreign Minister – Amir Khan Muttaqi
4. Deputy secretary of state – Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai
5. Defence Minister – Mullah Yaqoob
6. Army Chief – Fasihuddin Badakhshani
7. Finance Minister – Mullah Hidayatullah
8. Deputy Culture and knowledge Minister – Zabihullah Mujahid

Taliban’s deputy leader Sirajuddin Haqqani are going to be the acting interior minister, Amir Khan Muttaqi are going to be the acting secretary of state , political chief Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai are going to be the acting deputy secretary of state and Mullah Yaqoob are going to be the acting defence minister, he announced during a news conference in Kabul.

Mujahid himself are going to be the deputy culture and knowledge minister, Fasihuddin Badakhshani are going to be the military chief, and Mullah Hidayatullah are going to be the minister of finance .

The heads of varied other ministries are going to be appointed soon, Mujahid added.

“All groups are represented within the cabinet,” he said.

‘No one are going to be ready to interfere in Afghanistan’
The Taliban spokesperson said Afghanistan had “gained freedom”, stressing that “only the desire of Afghans” are going to be applicable within the country.

“After today, nobody are going to be ready to interfere in Afghanistan,” he emphasised.

Mujahid said that the Taliban had been in touch with various countries and their envoys had visited Afghanistan.

In response to an issue , the spokesperson said the country will now be called the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

Mujahid said there was no fighting in Panjshir, the last holdout of anti-Taliban forces within the country and therefore the only province the Taliban had not seized during their blitz across Afghanistan last month.

Implementation of Islamic laws
Separately, during a written statement, Acting Prime Minister Mohammad Hasan Akhund congratulated Afghans for the “withdrawal of all foreign forces, end of the occupation and complete liberation of the country”.

A caretaker and “committed” cabinet had been announced which can start performing at the earliest, he said, adding that the leaders will “work hard towards upholding Islamic rules and Sharia (Islamic law) within the country, protecting the country’s highest interests, securing Afghanistan’s borders, and ensuring lasting peace, prosperity and development”.

All governance and life within the country will henceforth be in accordance with shariah , Akhund said.

“We want to possess a peaceful, prosperous and self-reliant Afghanistan, that we’ll strive to eliminate all causes of war and strife within the country, and [for]our countrymen to measure in complete security and luxury .”

He also emphasised that the interim government will take “serious and effective steps” to guard human rights also because the rights of minorities and underprivileged groups within the framework of the stress of Islam.

“All Afghans, without distinction or exception, will have the proper to measure with dignity and peace in their own country. Their lives, property and honor are going to be protected.”

Reconstruction and rehabilitation
Terming education “one of the foremost important requirements”, the Taliban leader said it’ll be the government’s duty to supply a healthy and safe environment to all or any citizens to review religion and modern sciences.

“We will pave the way for the country’s development within the field of education and build our country with knowledge and understanding,” he added.

He acknowledged that the country had been affected by war and economic crises for the last four decades. “The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan will use all its resources for economic strength, prosperity and development on top of strengthening security,” he assured.

Talking further about his government’s plans, Akhund said: “It will manage domestic revenue properly and transparently, provide special opportunities for international investment and various sectors of trade [and]will work to fight unemployment effectively. Our ultimate goal are going to be to urge our country back on its feet as quickly as possible, and efficiently perform reconstruction and rehabilitation add our war-torn country.”

He added that the interim government would reach bent Afghan businessmen, investors and sensible citizens to invite their support and help in ending poverty and strengthening the country’s economy.

Talking about the media, he said the govt would work towards its freedom, functioning and improvement in quality. “We consider it our duty to require under consideration the sacred precepts of Islam, the national interest of the country and impartiality in our broadcasts,” he added.

International relations
Furthermore, the Taliban wanted to possess “strong and healthy” relations with all countries supported mutual respect, he said.

“We are committed to all or any international laws and treaties, resolutions and commitments that aren’t in conflict with shariah and therefore the country’s national values,” Akhund stressed.

Akhund said he wanted to offer Afghanistan’s neighbours, the region and therefore the world the message that Afghan soil wouldn’t be used against the other country, stressing that there was “no concern”.

“We assure all foreign diplomats, embassies, consulates, humanitarian organisations and investors within the country that they’re going to not face any problem. The Islamic Emirate is doing its best for his or her complete security and safety. Their presence may be a need of our country, in order that they should perform their work with peace of mind.”

Akhund emphasised that “no one should be worried about the longer term .” He said the country needed the support of its people and guaranteed skilled people, including doctors, engineers, scholars, professors and scientists that they might be valued.

No one was allowed to destroy, waste or take possession of the general public treasury, including military vehicles, weapons, ammunition, government buildings and national property, he said.

The Taliban who swept to power last month, are expected to announce a government since the United States-led evacuation was completed at the top of August.

They have promised an “inclusive” government that represents Afghanistan’s complex ethnic makeup — though women are unlikely to be included at the highest levels.

As they transition from insurgency group to governing power, the Taliban have a series of major issues to deal with , including looming financial and humanitarian crises.

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  1. Taliban has formed the government in Kabul !

    It is the grand success of “Directorate S” of ISI !

    S = 19th alphabet of the English Language,in the year when the world is plagued by COVID -19!

    This is Taliban version 2,and so Directorate S + 2 = 21,which is the year 2021 !

    Taliban hoisted the flag in Panjshir on 06.09.2021 = 11 in numerics !

    Taliban declared govtt on 07.09.2021

    Taliban declared 33 members of the Govtt,which is HALF the books of the Bible – as the other half Islam does NOT accept !

    Govtt on 7th
    Month is 9th
    Taliban is version 2

    On a Artithmetic Progression of 2 – the date of innaugration of Taliban state has to be the 11th !

    7 – 9 – 11 !

    It is a divine signal and the start of the Islamic Reinassance !

    Now the question is what time will the ceremony start on the 11th !

    This is PROVIDENCE ! dindooohindoo

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