Tactical Nuclear Weapons – New Concept For India?


Pakistan while an active player in the region and with the importance it enjoys due to its unique strategic location is wary of any threat, and is vigilant and able to deter every kind and size of enemy.

Tactical Nuclear Weapons

‘Nuclear weapons are the ultimate weapon for any country’; this is now only a partial truth. After the dawn of nuclear weapons and the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the nuclear weapons were considered the ultimate weapon; because after that bombing, there was no country to challenge the might of the US and the Allied powers, and that is why the World War II came to an end.

But with the passage of time, and with the development of the delivery systems of the nuclear weapons, the states with nuclear weapons find it difficult to just remain nuclear, without the advancement of their nuclear weapons’ delivery systems. There were many developments in the theoretical realm as well, – many new concepts emerged, like Limited Warfare, Second Strike Capability, MAD, and many more concepts like these were introduced by military scholars. Therefore, the concept that ‘a country that has nuclear weapons is deterrent to any attack’ was shifted to the concept that ‘a country with nuclear weapons that has the best delivery systems has some sort of defense against nuclear-tipped missiles’ and a vigilant eye on the world nuclear advancements is considered formidable.

Nuclear weapons are mainly of strategic nature – to use it against enemy population, striking-capability areas, and to annihilate big areas and cities. The main feature of the strategic nuclear weapons is the greater range, so that it can threaten the enemy’s decision-making ability and can target the enemy thousands of miles away.

But when the enemy is a neighbor, and is notorious for its adventurous behavior, then it comes to the tactical nuclear weapons also known as TNWs. Pakistan, with its limited capacity, started its nuclear and missile programme and got complete command in this field, and is the guarantor of peace in the region and in the world, having sufficient ability now to prepare any kind of missile. Pakistan is committed to the international law and nuclear principles, and is vocal of its Credible Minimum Deterrence, which states that all of its nuclear and missile developments are for the regional stability.

Pakistan is located in a region where it is surrounded by hostile neighbours with the exception of China. Pakistan’s consistent voice for peace is taken as its weakness by the so called developed neighbours – any peace proposal by Pakistan is considered as an appeasement, and they rejoice with pride that Pakistan, being comparatively small in size, population and armed forces, is willing to install peace in the region, so that it can survive with its big neighbor.

Pakistan – while an active player in the region and with the importance it enjoys due to its unique strategic location – is wary of any threat, and is vigilant and able to deter every kind and size of enemy.

Any development in Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal is seen as a violation of UN rules, and seen as a threat to the world peace by the Indians. They issue very jingoistic statements, while completely ignoring that Pakistan is only maintaining the balance of power with India.

India is spending trillions of dollars on defense equipments, expanding its Armed Forces, Navy and Air Force. The track record of India in the region is most notorious – all of the neighbors located close to India have tasted its bitterness. India was involved in the formation of Mukti Bahini; and then the LTTE got a foothold in Sri lanka because of the Indians, while India was calling Pakistan as a threat. Pakistan, having nuclear power, is seen as a guarantor of peace in the region; one that does not want to force any of its neighbors or other nations in the region into war, but is actively supporting the nations to get peace and harmony in their countries.
As we know, Pakistan successfully test fired a short range Nasr Hatf Salvo missile on 12 Nov, 2013. The missile was tested to offset the Indian conventional superiority and to eliminate the threat posed by India’s proactive strategy also termed as the Cold Start doctrine.

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  1. The future is a war of economies and not an armed conflict… There is very less chance that a full scale war will ever happen between the 2 countries because it will be economically and politically too costly…

    FYI.. LTTE is not endorsed by majority of the indians.. It is only the tamils, and that too not the entire tamil population endorse the terror outfit.. Dont try to make LTTE a voice of indians… or else I will have to make JI calling the slain TTP leader as a martyr, as the voice of pakistanis.. We both know that it aint the truth..

    • “The future is a war of economies and not an armed conflict… There is very less chance that a full scale war will ever happen between the 2 countries because it will be economically and politically too costly…”

      sorry but u have a very weak grasp of geopolitics. a future war is guaranteed considering where the financial state of the world is presently and where it’s heading.

      and ltte is supported by the indian gov. when someone says that indians support this or americans support that,etc, they are talking about the gov policies and actions of said country’s agencies. that doesn’t necessarily equate to the whole of the said country’s population.

      • Your level of ignorance is staggering… You know nothing about LTTE problem.. The tamils are screaming out on top of their lungs citing examples that the indian government is supporting the Sri lankan government in its fight against the LTTE.. Check the facts before you comment.. The tamils wish the indian government had atleast 1 policy against the sinhalese..

        But I guess you wouldn’t have had the time to check the facts, becos you were busy praying for a war between India and Pak.. Sick people you lot are..

        • yea ok…i’ve done enough research to know that you’re full of crap. everyone knows that the ltte were supported by the indians. it’s not a secret. and indian stooges claiming otherwise doesn’t concern me.

  2. Well done. Now make more and more missiles and warheads. Just remember – spend more on military and less on education.

    And while you were spending on Nasr or any other copy of the WS2, India was sending it’s first mission to the red planet. Successful or not that may be, it shows our priorities….

    But please – test a few more rockets. Oh – and by the way – Pakistan doesn’t really have a warhead small enough for the Nasr. The plutonium warheads haven’t been miniaturised yet….so calm down your wet dreams

    • being the largest arms importer in the world definitely shows where the priority is. but hey don’t let this get u down! i mean u sent a mission to mars right? so that must mean u care for your ppl. you know? the same ones who constitute a 1/3 of the world’s poor.

      • You see.. This is exactly your problem.. You think it is always about pak is it??

        When you remind yourselves of the fact that about an year ago, when the Indian home minister said, ‘our real threat is china and not pak’, you would realise why there are rockets flying into space and why so many arms gets imported..

        And that should give you a confirmation that we care for our people, including the 1/3rd of the world’s poor, as you rightly noted..

        • funny how ure trying to take this convo out on a tangent. this has got nothing to do with whether it’s china or pakistan that is the real threat to india. the fact remains that india is the largest arms importer in the world.

  3. Jokes are being written by our friends in HINDUS-tani newspapers about this nuclear capable small piddly little thing called NASR Hatf with 60km range. They laugh on it stating that Pakis will throw it on themselves; they talk about Agni III with 3000-5000km range monsters which can fly over Pak and land god knows where in some country in CIS or eastern europe; This 60km piddly little thing will, and i repeat WILL, kill mainstream HINDUS-tan army troops, make equipment ineffective, create a nuclear wall behind HINDUS-tan troops, negate supply of logistics support, and of course get their HINDUS-tani troops slaughtered; This piddly little thing is a monster which can make you HINDUS-tan armed forces beg for mercy; Ask your HINDUS-tani troops officers who may have some iota of brains, they will tell you what monster they have to face in case of their adventure; So once PAK has these in hundreds, Happy Hunting of enemy troops and good luck to PAK Armed forces;

  4. Since early 2000, one of the high-priority goals was to miniaturise these nukes to the point that the delivery system is not a rocket, but a small brief-case (quoted as an example). This ability was achieved in 2009.

    Imagine not having the need to send these nukes flying across the border, but have small nukes strategically placed within different key target locations in India, well before hand.

    We all saw how easily a handful of CIA sponsored mercenaries stormed Mumbai not so long ago. Imagine how many of such miniaturised nukes have already been placed in India.

  5. HINDUS-tani??? Please remember India is not a Hindu country but a secular country. You may keep highlighting hindu hindu to keep your nation united coz thats the only thing that can keep the fragmented pakistan united.

    India’s defence are not Pak centric at all but its more China centric. Indian nuclear program dates back to pre-independence but India’s nuclear weapon program started after 1962. AGNI missiles are another example as India would like the farthest chinese land under its target. INS Vikramaditya will not serve any purpose towards Pakistan. Its tragic that Pakistan assumes every act by India to be against it. We fail to understand this paranoid behaviour of Pakistan.

    India claims Aksai Chin thats with china and China claims Arunachal Pradesh thats with India yet the two nations maturely handle the bilateral issues whereas India had fought 4 wars and several skirmishes with Pakistan.

    India only fears(?) Pkistan sponsored terrorism for it targets innocent people. Pakistan can only win against India by sponsoring terrorism like it did in Punjab, Kashmir, Mumbai and elsewhere. The reason being India will never resort to terrorism.

  6. Regarding LTTE in Srilanka, ask any Indian about it and you wont find anyone supporting it except for a miniscule tamil politicians in Tamilnadu.

    Also I am surprized that the article says that Pakistan is not having friendly relations with any neighbours except china. What about IRAN?

  7. India’s nuclear research dates back to pre independence. But after 1962 war with china and its nuclear explosion in 1964 made india go for nuclear weapons. India’s stand is very clear that it will never be the first country to use the nuclear weapon. And when India is not going to use it in a battle then there is nothing like tactical nuclear weapons. Indian strategists, while planning for war strategy, keep the nuclear arsenal out of it.

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