Syrian Strife – A Complex Power Tussle


Recently, numerous documentaries and videos have surfaced on Syrian Humanitarian crisis, words cannot describe the massacre after the chlorine gas has been dropped on the residents of Syria. Anybody with a soul has to be fired up about this no matter what ideology they have. It is horrifying to know that this is happening in the world today. How can Assad and his allies justify themselves dropping chemical weapons on people who live in the country Assad is supposed to be running. One of Syrian American Medical Society hospitals in Ghouta reported 6 children, 4 women, and 6 men who were brought from Shaifonieh with Symptoms indicative of Chlorine. One of the children passed away and the others came with moderate symptoms.

Bashar al-Assad and his allies are slaughtering people with impunity and International Humanitarian organizations and peacemakers are silent spectators. They are watching this bloody game and All the Noble Peace Laureates are puppets. United Nations was formed after Second World War in 1945 to promote International Peace and Security. But United Nations has failed miserably to play its role for humanity. United Nations’ thirty days ceasefire resolution has turned out to be ineffective. The fact is that United Nations is a henchman of United States. Air strikes and heavy bombings still occur and civilians have been killed not only in Ghouta but also in Aleppo. Assad government backed with Russia is determined to continue with the massacre unabated.

Syria has been under siege since 2013. USA, Turkey and other Gulf nations continue to support rebels against Bashar regime and on the other hand, Iran deployed Hezbollah as its strategic arm to strengthen Assad regime which has also been significantly supported by Russia. In this complex power struggles, thousands of man, woman, and children have been killed since 2013. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), more than 520 civilians have lost their lives as a result of the aerial bombardment that begins on February 18. Syria’s population has shrunk by 15% during the 7 years of war, and is still shrinking. Hundreds of thousands of people have died in fighting during Syrian civil war, & millions have been forced to flee the country. Ghouta has been besieged since 2014 and most of the children there are suffering from malnutrition and trauma. The people who had escaped death or injury were hiding in underground bunkers with little or no electricity and low food supplies. A resident said, “Generally we have large numbers of kids aged between six months and 5 years with nothing to eat.” They are living a miserable life; their only crime is to say ‘NO’ to Asad regime. From the Syrian government’s end, this is very obvious. “You have people fighting us, we’re going to kill them”. That’s the story in a nutshell.

Syrian unrest has numerous dynamics. Syria was good going country, but the USA’s interference created all this mess, and many countries are now engaged in this strife. The USA has a bad habit of interfering in other countries and toppling governments in the name of peace and freedom. In all the countries intervened or invaded by the USA, none of them has witnessed stability up to now. Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria are nastiest examples of US interference. Second factor is the presence of Russia in Syria. Russia went into Syria in September 2015 to defeat ISIS and to block an attempt at regime changed by outside powers such as the United States and Saudi Arabia. Russia and America want the oil, gas, and minerals that Syria has in abundance. This greed has taken a lot of innocent lives of civilians. Unless Assad is in power, there is little to no hope of peace. In a simplistic way, a solution of Syrian unrest is that Assad should step down and both Russia and USA get out from Syria.

Russia and USA are not the only outside powers in Syria. Even as Russia backed the Asad regime with its air power, Iran and it’s allied militants have been fighting on the ground with Bashar’s forces. Syria is Iran’s arm in the Middle East. Tehran has its own interests in Syria. After the war, Iran wants to institutionalize its presence on the ground in Syria. Foreign intervention makes the Syria war deep long and unsafe. Destroying Syria and its people is the processing of “Greater Israel project”. This plan has been executed by NATO, Saudi Arabia and its alliance for last few years. Now, to put it in a nutshell, there are four major players in Syria today. The Syrian Army, The Russian forces, ISIS, The Free Syrian Army backed by the USA and its allies. ISIS and The free Syrian army are almost fighting like allies in the war supported by the USA, they are receiving the logistical support of USA. The Syrian Army backed with Russian forces is fighting, against ISIS and Free Syrian Army, to protect Assad regime. Syria is paramount for Russia. The Syrian war has helped Russia boost its status as a major arms producer and exporter, already the world’s second-largest after the United States. Ruslan Pukhov, director of the Moscow-based Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies said, “The Syrian operation provided an excellent opportunity to show off the goods.”

It is a bloody game of hegemony over the Middle East because Syria is a core of Middle East. The repercussion of this bloody war will be detrimental. The children who survive will grow up never forgetting the loss of their families. And the hate will continue with the next generations. This animosity will never end and violence vs violence will lead unprecedented loss to humanity.

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