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So, has Syria engaged major powers of the world in a way that any provocation at this sensitive time can ignite a full-blown war of the world? Has China still stayed away, apart from using its veto of the UN resolutions against Syria? In May, the Department of Defense (DOD) issued the 2013 annual report to the Congress on the Chinese military. The report alleges China for massive, extensive modernization programs in not only the ground forces, but in PLA’s Navy, Air Force, its Second Artillery, as well as its Space and Cyber capabilities (Source). Above that, China’s Navy built-up in the South China Sea is being increasingly criticized. In June, ‘Japanese Ambassador to the U.S. Kenichiro Sasae described China’s increasingly frequent forays to lodge territorial claims in the resource-rich East and South China Seas as “harassing” and “provocative”.’

In this backdrop, China has been alleged to ‘have provided $300 million worth of arms from 2007 to 2010 to the Assad regime. In February, the US imposed sanctions on China Precision Machinery Import and Export Corporation, a state-owned company, for allegedly conducting military transfers to Syria in violation of nonproliferation legislation’. All this suggests that almost all the major nations above the equator are aligned to one axis or the other, and are converging upon the pivot of Syria at this moment of time.

Global matters are a fast and ever-changing phenomenon, wherein predictions are often proven wrong and what seems obvious today may turn into impossibility tomorrow. Syria may not be a major game-player, but it is possible that circumstances have made its soil the fertility ground of proxy-war compliant to the 4th Generation phenomenon. Why are all the major nations apt to put their part in the Syrian battlefield? Perhaps the reasons will be clearer for someone writing the history of this matter sometimes later, but a few things can already be said: firstly, Syria has been placed in the middle of the tug-of-war between Sunni Islam and Shia Islam, between the White race with depleting resources and the Swarthy race with a lot of nascent wealth , and between Capitalist assets and Communist assets; secondly, if Syria was alone in its resistance, it would have fallen long ago, like all those of the Arab Spring had fallen, but Syria’s case came a little later, and those behind it got the time to assimilate their situations and act accordingly.

As for the moral question, it is easy to answer on sectarian basis; the Sunni Islam is right in its endeavor to rid a Sunni majority from subjugation to an extreme Shia sect that clashes with their moderate beliefs. The Shia world may be right in barricading the sweep of instability on their walls, and for standing strong when the Sunni world seems to have been slipping one by one. And the West always has a pompous moral statement, with which we usually disagree, nevertheless it is pompous; they want to save Humanity! And they are sure that they are saving it, no matter how many people have to die and communities devastated in the process. All of us have our moral lows too; the Sunni world remains oblivious to its mistake of allowing foreign powers to play in what should have been the internal matter of the Muslim Ummah; the Shia world is likewise throwing the matter of Muslim unity at its back, in creating a smaller unity that has provoked a bigger divide; and the West, as usual, spinning upon its double helix of ‘saving humanity’ and the ‘safeguard of its own interests’, is perpetually beating down the better half of the helix.

But the issue is of the collective moral; what is the stance that can be a peaceful solution reached on the negotiation table? Can peace be reached by labeling one party as evil and eliminating it? Will one kill satiate the thirst of those who aspire for permanent global power, that too in a world of 6 billion human souls that keep changing the global scenario swiftly with unpredictable uniqueness?

The Rebels, who originally won the sympathies of the Muslim world and beyond, risk losing their pure sense. The Rebels stood upon a noble cause when they raised their first slogans of protest in Assad’s face, as no people deserve to live under a tyrant dictatorship that suppresses the rights of the majority. But as the resistance gained momentum, perhaps the Rebels forgot that they needed to pose as much resistance to all sorts of militant groups vying to enter Syria under their slogan as they needed to resist Assad’s forces. Their allowance, or perhaps their weakness and the fear of defeat, has made the borders between Syria and Turkey the international trade center for all sorts of militants that can make a bargain with proxy-setters. This has served to cause divides within the original freedom fighters, and given space to many new groups who have not pure cause but ‘to kill’ for money; thus allowing the  highjack of the pure and noble cause of the Rebels and causing the spew of all sorts of doubt-making news spread in their sympathizers.

Syria has helped in polarizing the world more than any issue in recent times, and the victims of this confrontation will be no other than the common people of humanity. With both the sides adamant on going to any extent for securing their assets and interests, and with the Communist side ever more confident on its increasing economic and military power, and the Capitalist side going down with its own weight of accumulated, unsustainable wealth, the unalarmed wider humanity is approaching an uncalled-for conflict that may use them as fuel once again, just like the last two world wars.

The question still remains unanswered; what is the peaceful solution for the Muslim World and for Humanity?

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  1. US Navy carrier is now close to the syrian seas (shown in one of the newspapers). israel cannot wait more to finish the assad govt. US is just a tool for israel, jews control the banking system.

  2. Madam Aneela Shahzad

    Please research before you write.

    Your write up represents a mind of a one who is completely ignorant of past history, both real and concocted one. Not to mention the 1000 years of Islamic history intentionally deleted by the Imperialist forces.

    The current events are fast tracking to the final war that has been predicted / prophesied in Qura’n and Hadiths and to some extent in the Bible.

    Let me give you a hint where to start looking for the answers. Try studying the Babylonian era whence two Angels namely Harut and Marut descended and taught ‘Kabalah’ to the misguided people.

    Would love to give you a long article on the subject, but Alas! there is no more freedom of speech / expression anywhere in the world. Especially not in the west where I live.

    I am not sure if you will understand what I just wrote. Only such persons that have mastered the Ahadiths and its connectivity to events past and present will surely know what I wrote.

    • Where does it mention in the Ahaadeeth that Harut and Marut had been teaching Kaballah? And where do the Ahaadeeth mention this or any other war directly? And what is anybody to conclude from mastery of Ahaadeeth – Who is right and who is wrong??
      Ahaadeeth do tell us and in detail what and how to do in such times, but obviously they do not offer political explanations for particular incidents because they were not meant for that. I still fail to see a contradiction with any Hadeeth in the above article. Would you mind mentioning a few examples of Ahaadeeth, a mastery of which would enlighten us more on this particular issue?

      • @ Eamaan

        As far as Kabalah (Magic) is concerned. Do your own research.

        Allow me to quote you verse 102 of Chapter 2 of the Noble Qura’n

        “They followed what the evil ones gave out (falsely) against the power of Solomon: the blasphemers Were, not Solomon, but the evil ones, teaching men Magic, and such things as came down at babylon to the angels Harut and Marut. But neither of these taught anyone (Such things) without saying: “We are only for trial; so do not blaspheme.” They learned from them the means to sow discord between man and wife. But they could not thus harm anyone except by Allah’s permission. And they learned what harmed them, not what profited them. And they knew that the buyers of (magic) would have no share in the happiness of the Hereafter. And vile was the price for which they did sell their souls, if they but knew”.

        I do not feel like teaching you. But know Syria is the last cue before the advent of Mahdi and Jesus on whom be peace.

        Do read from this website as to reason of war in Syria:

        Ahadiths are full of past, current and future unfolding events. One has to have the insight to recognize it, which by Grace of ALLAH I do.

        Qura’n also has prophesies.

        Aneela Shahzad has mentioned Ben Ali of Tunisia and Saleh of Yemen. Their fall cue is mentioned in Qura’n, though not by name. And I do not feel like giving you the verse number unless you are a Qura’nic Scholar. Which I doubt very much due to your mode of query asking for Hadiths where Harut and Marut are mentioned. You should have known that Harut and Marut are not mentioned in Hadiths.

        Other reasons for not teaching you on the monitored field is so not to attract the unfriendly folks.

        • seriously Waqas you need to get out of the box, alhamdulilLah the Quran is a universal book and does not drag us into small box versions; contemplation and analysis of what the Quran tell us is the essence of Deen but speculating just for the sake of it is nothing less than a sin. if bin Ali and Saleh have been mentioned in the Quran than Zardari, Shareef and IK would be too, its not that the Quran does not hold all knowledge, but this knowledge is universal, clear, doubtless and easy to understand, not a underground secret cult knowledge, so don’t bluff us,, and if there is something real you know, then share it with the world, cause it not just for you, its for humanity… neither did the prophets hide things to themselves…

        • @As far as Kabalah (Magic) is concerned. Do your own research.
          What about also using the advice alongside giving it?

          Also, would you allow me to remind you that what you quoted is not a verse of Quran but a translation?

          @And I do not feel like giving you the verse number unless you are a Qura’nic Scholar.
          Will the Quranic scholar need you to do him this benevolent service? I suppose an illiterate needs teaching more than a scholar?

          And by the way, I had thought there were Ahaadeeth that encouraged teaching while none that would be used as an excuse for not teaching?

        • where are ben ali and saleh mentioned? u shouldn’t withhold this info just b/c someone isn’t a scholar and may not understand what u are saying.

      • @waqqas

        i don’t think the author wrote anything that disagreed with what the hadith say is going to happen. i thought of it more as a general view-take on what’s happening in syria. as she says “This essay aims to analyze the global situation that has cultured around the Syrian issue”. it’s about what the situation is today.


        kaballah is jewish magic. the angels harut and marut were sent by Allah (swt) to babylonia to teach the israelites magic as a test. if they agreed to learn magic they failed the test. it is one of the more memorable stories in the Quran…

        @eemaan and raphay
        the war he is talking about is i believe the “malhamma” or as christians call it “armageddon”. i say that b/c he mentioned the bible. i do not believe he meant it literally as the final war ever to take place on earth or human history. compare it to when ppl say “today” (as in today’s kids don’t care about islam). they don’t literally mean that exact day but the general moment in time. maybe waqqas can confirm this himself?

        as for political explanations, anyone can piece together world events happening today and compare them with the hadith. this is called analysis.

        • 321 hamma is in Syria and the battlefield of Mageddo is in Palestine,, and yes HArut and Marut are clearly mentioned in the Quran, but i doubt that what Waqas is hiding from us is not mention in the Quran… thats why he is keeping it such a secret…

          • armageddon is not a war in palestine but a major war taking place on the earth (most likely a world war). and the main battlefield is the middle east. note that we muslims call this armageddon “malhamma”. i wasn’t talking about a place in syria. malhamma is the word rasulullah used for a “great war”.

            and i don’t know about what u are saying that waqqas is hiding something. if u think he is hiding something then that’s your opinion. i didn’t feel that way. but then again i have read books by scholars on this subject and so i know what he is talking about.

        • I do not want to debate on relatively non-relevant things, I only want to suggest that you do not stand up for putting in words for others, at least when they don’t agree with you. He has also mentioned Mehdi now in order to free you from needless confusions.

          And I do honestly appreciate you for telling me the story of Haaroot and Maaroot. All I want you to consider is this – Kaballah does not imply all magic; it is a specific type of magic. If Quran says that Haaroot and Maaroot taught ‘magic’ as a test, we are much safer calling it as ‘magic’ only, since we are not in need of specifying it as Kaballah in particular as this is not relevant to the story as well as being not-so-sure.

          • in what way did waqqas disagree with me? how does his having mentioned the mahdi prove that he disagrees?
            this wasn’t meant to be a debate. as i said to raphay, i know what it is that he is referring to and so i took the liberty of trying to clear up the confusion.

            if u do not wish to call it kaballah or put any other name to it, it is perfectly understandable and not at all disagreeable. however imo it is essentially redundant since scholars say that kaballah is essentially the jewish book of magic.

  3. Waqqas, please come out of the dooms day scenario for once,, every war cannot be the last war, like many end-time purporters have been purporting for the last 100 years. If we are not going to open our eyes to reality and the real and present dangers, victory will shy away from us not come near to us….

  4. I humbly admit that I am no one to comment on insights shared by self-proclaimed scholars. This comment is for fear that the common reader might take these personal insights as the words of Quran or Sunnah.

    Quran and Hadeeth do guide is in all spheres of our lives, and yet, they do not mention specific political events or politicians. If the reference is to the general Ahaadeeth about tyrants when claiming that Ben Ali or Saleh are mentioned indirectly in Ahaadeeth, then so are I and you! If the general Ahaadeeth could be pasted on a particular person with high claims of insight, then allow me to say that every other layman is mentioned in Quran and Hadeeth, and directly, too!

    Quran and Hadeeth do mention many wars, some specifically and others generally. To be able to paste a Hadeeth to a particular event specifically, the only source could be Wahy. For non-recipients of Wahy, it is safest to abstain from claiming on behalf of the Prophet SallAllaahu Alaihi wa Sallam that which he himself did not.

    The general rules that apply to the times of ‘Fitnah’, as our modern times certainly are, are clearly described in various Ahaadeeth. We would do much better to learn our own duties through such Ahaadeeth and implement them rather than forcing them upon specific people.

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