Swiss Agriculture Giant to Invest $1.4 Billion in Pakistan


A Switzerland-based company — Syngenta — has agreed to invest $1.4 billion in Pakistan. The firm is considered an expert in crop protection and is currently the third largest seeds business worldwide.

The firm wants to ensure food security in the country by supporting small and medium growers with modern ways of farming.

Tina Lawton, Syngenta’s head of Asia-Pacific Region, visited the Syngenta’s R&D facility near Lahore to review the company’s operations and understand Pakistan’s agriculture market and how to support further development in the country.

For better understanding and to obtain insights on the market, she also managed a meet up with Syngenta franchisees and farmers. She discussed the technology currently deployed in Pakistan and importance of using it judiciously.

Syngenta’s transition of new ownership to ChemChina will not affect its status as a Swiss company and it will continue to focus on long-term investment through over $1.4 billion annual investment in research and development in Pakistan.

After the Lawton’s visit, the company has decided to invest in Pakistan given the limitless potential of its agricultural sector.

The company hopes to transform the agriculture sector in Pakistan and make it a self-sufficient economy to meet its food requirements by bringing in new technology and products.











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