Sultan Azam Taimuri becomes Islamabad’s new IGP


– First aftershock of failed Faizabad sit-in operation surfaced as the government has decided to change high command of Islamabad police and decided to replace Additional Inspector General of Police (AIG) Khalid Khattak with Sultan Azam Taimuri.

Khalid Khattak has been ordered to report Establishment Division while approving the appointment of Sultan Azam Tamuri as new IG of Islamabad police who were serving as RPO Gujranwala before the new assignment.

Sultan Azam Tamuri has served in Islamabad during his service from ASP rank to DIG and took a verdict from the court regarding his promotion.

On the other hand, AIG Khalid Khattak has been given the charge when services of former IG Islamabad Tariq Masood Yasin were given to Punjab.

It is pertinent to mention that interior ministry was unhappy with AIG Khalid Khattak over police’s failure to finish Faizabad sit-in and burden of failure has been put on the shoulders of police




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