Who Is Stubborn? Washington or Islamabad


There are names that have been accusing and stressing Islamabad for harboring terrorist havens within the boundaries like Nikki Haley, Ambassador to UN, labeled Pakistan as a duplicitous country and Raymond Mcmaster, National Security Advisor accused Pakistan of using armed terrorists in their foreign policy and many others and advised not to become North Korea.

It is the need of the hour to realize Washington its stubbornness because it has been continuously destroying Pakistan’s image in front of the world. It is Pakistan who had allowed USA to operate approximately 59,000 attacks in Afghanistan by using the Airline of communication (AirLOC) and the Ground line of communication (GLOC). It is Pakistan who has been suffering the lives of thousands of soldiers and civilians.

As far as reimbursement is concerned, it is not the first time the USA has ceased the reimbursement. It had also been done back in 1965. Pakistan never talks about the Coalition Support Fund (CSF) and Foreign Military Financing (FMF) voluntarily since the attitude from them is becoming frustrating. America has cut $255 million from FMF and $900 million from CSF. However, the United States of America still have to pay 9 billions of CSF to Pakistan.

Some sources are discussing the use of drone attacks in the settled areas of Pakistan by the USA. Foreign Office spokesperson, Muhammad Faisal, and as well as Pakistan Army, are very much coherent about this matter and stated that the US doesn’t have the autonomy to do so and we will counter these absurd activities. By walking through the facts and figures it is clear that numbers of drone attacks in the settled area of Pakistan are very rare so the point of America about harboring the terrorist is wrong because they would have been attacked without hesitation if signs of terrorist were there.

We cannot trust anybody blindly specifically America who has been losing a war in Afghanistan. David Petraeus, who had served as the Chief of CIA, said in a university that Pakistan has no duplicity. A journalist of USA, Steve Coll, wrote a book Ghost War in which he also talked about Pakistan’s struggles and achievements and failures of USA. Former CIA analyst Jack Rice told the RT America that Pakistan has been the lynchpin in the combat against global terrorism. These are the proofs and realities.

So the gist is that it is America who has been adopting the policy of stubbornness and accusing and blaming Pakistan continuously. Pakistan has done his part and is not willing to trust blindly. We are still looking forward to friendly relations with the US but we cannot compromise on our national interest and dignity.

The writer is a student of UET TAXILA doing bachelors in Civil Engineering.

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  1. Sent to Trump on whitehouse.gov form.
    The President of USA
    Honorable Sir,
    USA succeeds in its missions only because Pakistan wants it.Pakistan wants it because the rulers of Pakistan and its top military brass want to enjoy life and do not want to help the oppressed.Why that is so ?That is because the top military brass are not chosen on merit nor is the government there the real representative of the people but had been chosen by Pakistan army to be there for some time.
    Remember,Indian conspiracies succeed because Pakistan is not interested in foiling them.But in case you help India or Indians in any way further then you are bound to fail.Because that shall prove that you are anti American,you are not pro-white.
    So please do not extend the life of h1 b visa for Indians.

  2. Pakistan like China, Russia, Central Asian states, Iran, Turkey and to some degree Arab states are a legitimate stakeholder in building an integrated, stable and prosperous Pakistan.

    America and India have zero legitimacy in Afghanistan and forever will represent the destabilisation of the region.

    America and India should they wish to be part of the real reconciliation needs to work with the real key stakeholders and not against them.

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