Stressed or Depressed? Gardening is the Best Answer for Your Question


Stressed or feeling anxiety because of over-thinking, work load or due to conundrums and searching for a solution to cut your stress level and to engage yourself in an interesting activity, then Gardening is the perfect solution for your problem.

Working in a garden really does have profound health results. It can help in various medical conditions including mental and behavioral disorders like depression, schizophrenia and dementia.

Working with plants is particularly effective for elders too; it reduces pain perception, decreases the risk of dementia and improves self-esteem.

A recent study in Netherlands suggests that, Gardening can fight stress even better than other relaxing leisure activities. When you spend much time with greenery it improves your mood and relieves anxiety. Nevertheless, nature always gives best therapy. Through gardening you go out in the fresh air and interact with sunshine which is an essential source of Vitamin D for healthy bones. It’s a pleasurable and goal-oriented outdoor activity. People are more likely to stick with it and do it often.

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Gardening is a constantly moving activity. Whether it is digging with shovel, removing weeds, planting seeds or watering you are constantly moving to perform all these activities. Indeed, it’s not an easy task but it’s a low-impact exercise for those who don’t want vigorous exercise or who are suffering from any kind of disability. The people with the hobby of gardening have better balance and higher level of physical activity than people who don’t garden.

The greenery, the smell and sounds of garden promote relaxation and escape from daily hassles.

How to get started?

For gardening you don’t need a huge piece of land. If you have very little space you can start with planting few small plants or can grow a wonderful crop of Tomatoes, Lettuce, Cucumber or Eggplants. Growing your own food is one of the easiest ways to eat healthy and watching their growth will give you unlimited ecstatic moments and you will feel a drastic change in mood and the stress level will gradually drop down.

If you want to relieve stress, be active, eat healthy. Start your own small garden, who knows it may become your new passion!



Sana Zehra is a Microbiologist and have keen interest in writing, a patriot and willing to be an aspiring writer.

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