Stephen Hawking’s chilling warning against obesity


Professor Stephen Hawking has issued a chilling warning over one of the world’s biggest killers.

In a minute-long video, he warns that our battle with obesity is one of the most serious issues humans have ever faced.

Professor Hawking says: “I see the world as a whole and I am here to address one of the most serious public health problems of the 21st century.

“Today too many people die from complications related to obesity , we eat too much and move too little.

“Fortunately, the solution is simple, more physical activity and a change in diet, it’s not rocket science.

“And, for what it’s worth, how being sedentary has become a major health problem is beyond my understanding..”

The last line is delivered followed by a long pause as Dr Hawking, who suffers from motor neurone disease, stares at the camera.

A simple message then flashes up on the video, produced by Swedish health organisation GEN-PEP.

It reads: “Physical inactivity is now the world’s fourth leading cause of death.

“Required physical activity per day: Adults – 30 min, Children – 60 min

GEN-PEP is a Swedish non-profit organisation initiated by the Crown Princess Couple that works to spread knowledge and engage both people and organisations in a joint effort to make it easier for children and young people to live a healthy life.





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