Special Report: Mujahideen seen Unfurling Pak Flag on Pakistan Independence Day in Kashmir


Srinagar:  A video has surfaced wherein four gun-brandishing Mujahideen donning black and green attires are seen suddenly making an appearance in a massive rally held sixty kilometers from Srinagar, at Redwani village of Kaimoh in South Kashmir’s Kulgam district on August 14, unfurling Pakistani national flag and offering gun salute.

As the pro-freedom congregation which witnessed the participation of around 30,000 people in local Eidgah continued with various religious scholars addressing the rally, in a bid to promote unity among various religious sects, Hizb Mujahideen donned in black Kamiz- Shalwar and a green shrug with ‘Long live Pakistan slogan’ and Hizb-ul-Mujahideen written on it appeared on the podium.

One of the freedom fighters who addressed the gathering announced the purpose of their visit, “We are here for a special occasion; otherwise our leadership has barred us from participating in any public program for the safety of people”.

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The crowd continuously kept shouting slogans and even as some people tried to move towards podium, the Mujahideen kept appealing for maintaining discipline.

Stressing on equality, the masked militant with a Kalashnikov draped over his shoulder while quoting verses from Quran said, “Anyone who thinks he is above anyone or others are hierarchically down the ladder than him is living in a fools’ paradise and is among the people that God has warned in Quran . Those people think that they are deceiving God or His bestowed people but in reality, they are themselves caught in deception and they will not ever realize it.”

While warning people against divisive elements and vowing to fight any such plans, the militant while brandishing his gun said, “Unity and harmony should be made a priority over all other priorities.  Anyone who sows discontent or discord in the name of organization, cult, personality, or any other thing, the guns of Hizbul Mujahideen will pierce their chests.”

Further, the Mujahideen stressed upon people to follow the leadership and its programs with utmost sanctity and called upon people to fight the conspiracies of “enemies”.

While commenting on the recent recruitment of SPO’s, the Mujahideen warned people about the fallacies of joining police and said “These people aren’t your well wishers but are making you scapegoats to fight your own people.”

At the end of the speech, the militants announced the purpose of their participation in the rally, “The only reason we are here for this program is because today is the independence day of our empathetic country- Pakistan “

The militants later unfurled Pakistani flag and paid salutations, while firing shots in air amid pro freedom and pro Pakistan slogans and left the venue with people  protecting them by forming a human chain and giving them a safe passage.

This is the first time since year 1994 when militants celebrated the Pak Independence Day publicly. During the rally, that began at 9:00 a.m. and ended at 5: 00 p.m., people and volunteers managing the rally could be seen waving the Pakistani flags and shouting Pro-Pak and Pro-Azadi slogans all through.

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