Space travelers smell smoke on International Space Station


MOSCOW: A smoke caution sounded on Thursday in Russia’s section of the International Space Station (ISS) and space travelers smelled “consuming” on board, Russia’s space office and Nasa said.

The occurrence, which the Russian space office Roscosmos said occurred at 01:55 GMT in front of a planned spacewalk, is the most recent in a series of issues to spike wellbeing worries over conditions on the Russian section.

“A smoke alarm was set off in the Zvezda administration module of the Russian section of the International Space Station during programmed battery charging, and a caution went off,” Rosco­smos said in an assertion.

French space traveler Thomas Pesquet said, “the smell of consuming plastic or electronic gear” floated to the US section of the station, Russian state news office RIA Novosti detailed, refering to a Nasa broadcast.

The Russian team turned on a channel and after the air was tidied up the space travelers returned to rest, Roscosmos said.

The space officials said that an arranged spacewalk would go on as planned.

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