Sony confident coronavirus won’t change release plans of PS5


Gamers across the world are about to get their first look at what the PlayStation 5 can do.

The successor to one of the best-selling consoles ever is due out later this year and, speaking to Radio 1 Newsbeat, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan says fans will see it in action in less than a week.

With major conventions and events cancelled due to coronavirus, Jim says he wants to find a way to give the PlayStation community “a little bit of a jolt.”

On June 4th Sony will showcase new PS5 games online for the very first time.

There’s still an air of mystery surrounding the new Sony console and Jim says the company needs to build momentum.

The PS5 controller was teased earlier this year but not much is known about the games that will be playable with it

“Normally you would be in Los Angeles in some auditorium with 2000 other people” Jim tells Newsbeat, talking about how PlayStation would usually make big announcements.



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